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Neville Chamberlain as a politician goes, was honest but deceived, today’s leader of the Western world Barack Hussein Obama is far from honest and has already built a level of deception beyond any President that preceded him including President Richard Nixon.
It seems there are still are enough fools left in America to possibly put Hillary Clinton into the most powerful political postion in the world.
As the Bible tells us we have to endure politicians and leaders who are more corrupt than usual, indications that we are clearly in End Times of which we talk of much on this blog.
NEW EVIDENCE REVEALS: Hillary Clinton Worked With The Muslim Brotherhood Causing The Murder Americans In Benghazi.

Symbolic: The wartime leader waved the Anglo-German declaration on his return from the crisis talks.
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We the people by voting the way we have done twice, have allowed this president the privilege of literally destroying our reputation and self respect as a nation.
The right wing media have made the strong point that she has not one accomplishment to show in her political career, to reiterate this point, Time Magazine trotted out an article witten by Julie Hollande MD to suggest that since Hillary Clinton is now post menapausal, she is now devoid of moods and is perfectly qualified to be President, as obviously there is nothing else to commend her on, so this is the best we can find as reason to vote for Hillary.

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