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Download a free Credit Card Payoff calculator for Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Sheets that will calculate the payment required to pay off your credit card debt in a specified number of years, or calculate how long it will take to pay off your card given a specific monthly payment. The spreadsheet contains a worksheet with instructions and definitions for some of the terms used in the calculator. Below is a list of online calculators used to check the spreadsheet, and a couple calculators that let you do a bit more fancy calculations.
Credit Card Info at - Explains terms, helps you figure out how to pay if off, etc.
Use the credit card payoff calculator to estimate how long it will take to pay off a card at its present interest rate.

Just like the tendancy to gain weight right after a diet, you may be tempted to rack up a balance on your credit card again. This calculator lets you also include one or two future purchases, average monthly charges, and an annual fee. Then, enter a monthly payment to calculate how many months it will take to pay off the credit card, or enter the payoff goal to calculate what your monthly payment must be to meet that goal. If you are considering debt consolidation as a way to lower your interest rates and zero-out your credit card balances, here is my take on debt consolidation.
But if you plan to use them again some day, don't cancel them, because that can hurt your credit rating.

Just remember that the faster you can pay off the cards, the less interest you pay in the long run.

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