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The purpose of my life is to serve others; and to enable the others around me to be happier, and dream some awesome dreams, for their future. This analogy of life’s purpose; can be expanded beyond the kids, to the larger universe when we are ready. This is especially true for our children; as if I cannot be an enabler for their dreams, then I cannot realize, my life’s purpose. The main reason to have one’s purpose in life defined properly; is to first understand oneself, and what one likes to do. This is the simple start to having a life; that can be examined, and understood and planned for desirable outcomes.

Life only begins when we look outward and see what we can contribute, in the service of those around us.
If your life continues to give you undesirable results than sit back and examine your approach.
Our children are our most precious resource; as they represent the future, so their betterment, will give me the greatest reward in this life.
Suddenly in their betterment; my life gets its own purpose, and to be successful we need to just concentrate on what can provide maximum happiness, to them in the future. If we work in the service of the greater good of humanity, all living creatures and the universe beyond; then it makes our life purpose so much bigger.

Remember that when you are down and nothing is going right; then your life purpose will come into play, and by baby steps you can get your life back on track. There will be many stations along the way and you will seek and find companionship of like minded society; who also want to make a difference, in our lives.

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