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When we sit in that zone, we feel confident and at ease with ourselves, in control, able to deliver results and perform well. In my quest to find the confidence to climb a trapeze, make a presentation or hold a high stakes conversation, I learnt that having no or low confidence gave me the determination to expand my self-competence in this task. Sometimes we need adversity to move us out of our comfort zone so that we seek that source of strength and confidence. Taking the time to examine myself and my life instead of wallowing in self pity because of my circumstances has allowed me to rejuvenate and renew my confidence in myself to push on and get through this.

When you are struggling to find answers to your situation or you are grappling with figuring out a way out of your circumstances, it shakes your confidence and throws you off course. Helping individuals to be the best that they can be is my passion, and building confidence is a challenge for all of us.
Continuing on our theme this month about dealing with adversity, adversity is also key to building confidence. Confidence through adversity is often something you gain looking back once you have already come through a difficult situation.

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