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Currently this list consists of action games, games for kids, Smart or mind games, some puzzles, fun games, shooting games, army games, race – Car race, bike race, beach race etc, strategic game, tankers, fighting games etc. This is an interesting game, where you need to bid certain amount(don’t worry, its not the real money!) and there will be some shells, and a ball inside it. This game seems to be simple in the beginning, but once you cross those 2 or 3 easy once, you will see more constructive things where you need to apply your mind in order to build a strong bridge. You need to act fast in the game, so as to shoot all the enemies before they break the wall and hit you.
You need to use your strategies in the battle field to win this simple looking terrific game. This fabulous online game reminds me of my old video game, which my mom had gifted me long back! This is a good game, if you come to know that the shooting keys is not in keyboard, but is in mouse right click!
To start the game, you need to select the place in the map, where you want the campaign to start.
No much of movement, due to which the game may seem to be boring, but its a challenge to block the attacks from the Ninjas and to hit them hard to death. The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage.
Its interface is very simple to understand and the game is easy to win in the BEGINNER mode and requires a lot of practice and talent to win in the Advance mode.

It may look as a very easy game in the first level, but from 2nd level you will know the real fun of the game. Two different games, if you play as Tom you throw water balloons, Jerry you drop cheese to Nibbles. This entry was posted in Fun and tagged action, addicting, flash, FREE, free games, funny, games, games free, kids, multi-player-games, multiplayer games, Online, puzzel, racing, shooting on August 2, 2009 by Satish.
For a long period of time mind games have been the cause of argument and disagreement between women and men.
Its good to open one game at a time, as all these are flash games and need to load before playing. I will be playing these games in week ends again and will be further categories it properly and put them into relevant categories and organize them. Most of the time got into the game so much that I forgot about writing this article, taking screen shots etc.
Once you start the game, it will shuffle the shells and you need to tell, in which shell the ball is present.
With practice we can easily get through the levels, but by the time, you will surly get addicted You have to apply your mind, for when to jump and when to simply crawl. Its similar to the TV video games, and has a typical level ending with killing of a big boss of enemy!
Click around with your mouse in the various scenes to move through the game, find objects and add them to your inventory for later use in completing the game.

Its a tricky game and you can get the hint for the traps that you are in, at the bottom of the game. This is so amazing that you need not buy a Super Mario game, you can experience the same level of joy when you are playing it online.
Few things to concentrate on, like the bending forward and pulling backwards, mastery over it will make you win the game.
You can see the intro to get some idea about the game, if you have somehow not played the original Doom Game. Try it till you finish 5 or 6 small small levels, and you will know the actual potential of this game.
This is one of the most addictive online game and I almost forgot to write this post while I was playing it.
Make sure to read the instructions in the beginning to know about the switches that comes in the Game.
It is true that both women and men like to play mind games with each other but when it comes to blaming, they invariably and without fail, blame each other. The game seems like silly in the beginning, but its when you come to know about the weapon purchasing and power booster attack etc, the game will turn addictive and impressive.

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