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This is a translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War with explanations of almost every verse in the book.
There are many compelling reasons for reading non-fiction books to your child in addition to the enjoyment you get from reading them.
Non-fiction picture books are an excellent way of introducing your child to inspirational true-life characters who can demonstrate just what we are capable of if we have vision and determination.
Non-fiction books also broaden your child's pool of background knowledge and help to develop their vocabulary, both of which contribute to improving their reading skills, by boosting comprehension and fluency.
The books in this section are not only gripping stories in their own right, but they also help to demonstrate just what man is capable of if he has the will to succeed.
I asked a group of green, natural beauty loving friends which non-fiction books were their favorites and a few titles were mentioned that I had never read. I’ll include these books together because they both feature practical tips to reaching your goals. Scholar, activist, provocateur, teacher, community-builder, inspiration: No one word can span the career of bell hooks or capture how much we love her work.
Checked out the list, proud to have read a good handful of the books mentioned, but figure I’ll make it my two or three year goal to read the rest.

I’m very disappointed that so many of the important Second Wave books ranked so low on this list. This book is all about trusting your intuition, learning to listen to that little voice inside your head.
There are lessons on determination and persistence that have stood the test of time- the book by Napoleon Hill was actually written in the 1920s. This book looks at the ways women today make sex objects of themselves, and she’s not impressed. Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America by Lillian Faderman  Find it here.
I suppose I missed out on the vote somehow, but what I would love would be to hear a list of texts chosen by those who founded and continue to build on the legacy of Ms.
While I often read fiction, I really enjoy good non-fiction, especially books that will inspire, educate and bring peace and positively to my life. I’d highly recommend it, especially as a sort of beginner’s book (like, for new feminists and stuff)!
Note that reporting the beliefs of others in a nonfiction format is not necessarily an endorsement of the ultimate veracity of those beliefs, it is simply saying that it is true that people believe that (for such topics as mythology, religion).

This book changed how I thought about raw food and I keep it close for frequent reference- especially for salad dressing ideas! To break ties, we went first by whether books got votes on multiple platforms, then by Goodreads rank. Non-fiction can also be written about fiction, giving information about these other works.Non-fiction is one of the two main divisions in writing, particularly used in libraries, the other being fiction.
You will switch the natural makeup and skincare quickly after reading this interesting and illuminating book.
However, non-fiction need not be written text necessarily, since pictures and film can also purport to present a factual account of a subject.

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