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When it comes to actually paying off the debt, rule to live by should be to knock out all high interest debt first.
This entry was posted in Blog, Money and tagged bills, debt, debt free, DIY, do it yourself, finance, frugal living, homestead, money, prepper, prepping, saving money, survival. For example, let’s say you have a couple thousand dollars in credit card debt with 11% interest rate and student loan debt at 6% interest.
Their tactics are to hold you under their thumb so they can continue to collect interest off your debt each month.
Paying that debt to $0.00 is the only financial goal you should be focusing on no matter how long it takes you to get there.

Use the extra cash you saved from cutting and put that towards paying off the credit card debt first. Continue to make minimum payments on your student loan, but do your best to knock out one debt account at a time. If you’re looking to plan out how long it’ll take to pay off your debt, here is a simple debt calculator to help you out.
When living off necessities and putting more money towards debt becomes second nature, you’ll be on the path to a truly happy lifestyle. According to Nerd Wallet Finance, the average amount of debt among US households is over $15,000.

There are other options available to you, a couple potentials may be adding an additional revenue stream (taking a second job) or consolidating your debt. These enemies include blood-sucking credit card companies and debt as a singular entity itself.

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