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Giving someone a faulty gift doesn’t actually feel like you are giving the person a gift – it is more like you are giving them a problem that they now have to deal with or a liability.
Christmas gift exchange is not exactly a slap in the face to the person who gives it to the recipient – there are many reasons that someone may exchange a Christmas gift. Items that are commonly given the Christmas gift exchange treatment are things like clothes. Festive gift-giving has lost its point, risks doing more harm than good, mis-teaches our children about values and kills the joy of anticipation of what should be a joyous time. Because it is sometimes hard to purchase clothing for someone because you are unsure of their size or what colour they like, it is fairly common for people to exchange clothing that has been given as a gift just to make sure they have the right size or colour. Don’t snap back that what they are telling you is rude (because it is) – just let them know that you can give them receipt if they want to exchange it.

If the present is opened and found to be factory faulted then you will want to exchange the product with one that works for the sake of the recipient of the gift. Because retailers are extremely strict in this regard (no receipt, no exchange) throwing away the receipt is a pretty silly thing to do. Instead, many people joined my call to arms, relieved they were not alone in their distaste for the gifting ritual.
With Christmas just five weeks away, there's still time to pull back and agree on NO PRESENTS THIS YEAR. Financially, everything's bonzer for her, so she decides, generously, to buy gifts for all and sundry. The affluent who buy big gifts add pressure on others who, especially in these times, can't afford to compete.

However, this isn't about stopping festive fun, it's a challenge to pressured, blithe and habitual gift-giving. You can give on behalf of someone else, or simply donate a lump sum and tell your friends you've donated instead of giving them a gift.
To make it more personal, many charities have their own gift catalogues, so you can choose something specific.

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