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For example: A man recently posted to Reddit that he's making about $100,000 annually, and he has about $115,000 in debt, including four credit cards with balances, a peer-to-peer loan, student loans, a car loan and a loan from his parents. It's not so much the number on this man's debt load but the type of debt he has that makes his situation problematic.
Having a debt load that matches your salary isn't always too much — financial planners and other credit experts often give the advice that you should only take on as much education debt as you plan to make in your starting salary. If you want to track your credit building progress as you pay down debt, you can get two of your credit scores for free every month using the Credit Report Card, which will also tell you how your debt compares to the national average. Remember never to accrue more debt than you can pay back comfortably, and never allow your debt to climb above 35% of your pre-tax income, since the credit bureaus do not specify between good and bad debt when calculating your score. Girl Ninja was debt free, and I didn’t want to be the one responsible for bringing debt to our marriage. Maintaining an emergency fund, saving for retirement, creating multiple streams of income, investing for the mid-term; the journey never ends. I think you need to have common sense, control yourself, spend less than you earn, and decide where your money is most beneficial! For some people having debt doesn’t limit their abilities to be financially responsible but for others (like myself) debt can be a slipperly slope. The bottom line is that the person needs to develop habits to help them live within their means and for a lot of people this means complete elimination and annihilation of their debt to get used to living on a budget and then having the liquidity in their budget to be able to save. He wondered if he should try a debt consolidation loan or go for another peer-to-peer loan.
While you don't want to take out more than you can afford, having student loans equal to your annual income isn't a bad thing.
For example, a vehicle that gets you to a well-paying job is definitely an asset worth going into debt for, but not if you’re opting for the latest, most expensive ride with all the bells and whistles in order to impress your officemates.

If having a $150 car payment makes you sleep easier than writing a $10,000 check and paying cash, I have no problems with that. The current obsession with debt, fueled by hucksters like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman who are primarily out to gain your unquestioning allegiance (and your money), obscures a rational approach to managing your finances on a holistic basis.
Because for me the credit card debt is a symptom of my lifestyle not being in check with my income.
If you've been taking on debt to live beyond your means, you have to commit to one of the hardest goals: changing your behavior. Bovee said to start looking for the best deals, whether that's consolidating debt at a lower interest rate or settling debts for less than their worth.
Debt has to be looked at not in isolation but in relation to your total assets and your ability to manage your income. I could pay off my car in one swoop, but I don’t want to, because having liquid cash makes me feel more comfortable. However, there are a lot of people (and you were never one of them) who have more debt payments every month than they can afford. One way to finding a better average credit card debt and spend number is to simply get more datapoints with a short four question survey below.The impact on the amount of average revolving credit card debt per household is largely determined by income. After all, when I charge something on my card, I have interest free debt for 28-31 days, depending on the month, until I pay the bill off in full. And given my credit card spend accounts for 90% of all my expenditure excluding mortgages, and my primary mortgage debt is less than 25% of my monthly income, my savings rate is over 50%.
Credit card spending is much more controllable than making more money as an employee given raises average 2% a year nationally and entrepreneurship is brutally difficult. Even if we compare a more conservative $4,878 revolving credit card balance to a monthly gross income of $4,250, the revolving credit card balance is still more than 100% of income.

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I just knew it would be trouble, plus my parents set a great example about paying off credit card debts in full every single month. I guess I was sheltered, when a few years later after leaving home I found out peers and friends were in some deep deep debt and that it was quite normal for the average person, to carry some CC debt!
Man, I am glad most these households that end up not paying of their debts don’t live there. Also to me there is a huge difference in taking a loan and investing in real estate, than a person who is racking up CC debt on things that they do not need or help create wealth.Reply David S. Leaving the country on legal terms was a very involved process that required you to have your bank provide your employer a statement reflecting no debt. In addition, obtaining debt is a more cumbersome in the sense that if you are an expat it requires a certified letter from your employer stating your salary and terms of employment.
With that said, the rules of debt and consequences apply much more to the expats than the locals (i.e.
For example on the 40’th anniversary of the union of the UAE the government relieved the debt of many of the locals free and clear.

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