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We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on Debt FREE is my Goal right now! Think about a goal that you were “serious” about in the past — but you couldn’t seem to take action on. A goal I?ve been serious about in the past was leave my job and move to another county where I want to live. My problem is that while I have been able to break down the big goal into steps, I still kept the boil an ocean mentality, so got frustrated because I was not celebrating small wins. So what I learned from the email is to get specific about the goals, make them attainable and reasonable and track progress for reporting to someone who holds you accountable. My #1 goal was to become fluent in Russian since I have been stuck at an advanced level for a while now. One thing I will be making time to do by the end of the week is get through the productivity package that I have purchased from Ramit to improve completion of other short term goals including Ramit material I’ve paid for but not completed going forward.
Hi Dynamic D, one of my goals is to learn to speaks Spanish fluently or at least enough to carry on a decent conversation. Think about a goal that you were “serious” about in the past — but you couldn’t seem to take action on. I’ve recently been diagnosed with type two diabetes so my goal now is to lose weight -8 pounds so far -and exercise more.

Now things are different: I fixed a better mindset, am truly motivated and I am creating the (side)conditions to efficiently work towards the goal, keep track of them AND keep evaluating them. My goal this year was to bring my $2000 credit card balance down to zero by the end of this year. Haven’t been dedicating the time it really requires and I do have the free time, but instead I play video games. I have now broken this unmanageable goal down to: 1) finish study materials by October 31, and 2) based on peace-of-mind after finishing said study materials, set test date on October 31. I thought my goal was not too big because I just aimed to finish it, not to win or even get into the show. If I make a goal I will keep a short duration to achieve so I don’t lose track of it if its achievable in short term likelosing weight in 4 weeks or3 months period. Then saying you’re going to use it to “get a raise or a better job” is yet another huge goal.
Only in recent month (as I marked the 1 year anniversary of my current job) that I have really kicked into gear and started making progress on this goal. It was a lot of hard work to pay my debt off in a year (12k in debt) especially on a Part-Time income but it was well worth it, and it wasn’t impossible.
I also try to get better feedback on my habits, plans and actions to improve my way of working towards my goal.

At my free time I’ve been also working on my online business that starts to generate me nice income. I’ve been pretty good at setting aside a certain amount of time every day and setting specific goals for that time, but I spend the whole time paralyzed by emotion. I am making a list of my debt and now my goal is to tackle it by seeing which item can be paid first.
Well I’m not getting any younger and despite increasing my salary over the past few years I still have debt and still live paycheck to paycheck.
I need to set specific monthly goals to pay things off and I should have someone check on me every payday. That way I get the weight goal handled, and the money is going towards my house downpayment.

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