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There are so many bodybuilding exercises to choose from, but not all of them will work for a tall, skinny guy. We devoured every single bit of ectomorph muscle-building information tidbit we could find, from blog to book to eBook.
A couple weeks later, homemade ectomorph workout and nutrition plan in hand, we started bodybuilding our little hearts out.
We may not have had the best form or have been doing the best exercises, but damn we were dedicated. It turns out that the mainstream approach to bodybuilding is one of the silliest ways to build muscle as an ectomorph or a hardgainer.
In a 2000 study by McLester, they took experienced male weightlifters and put them on a workout plan made up of three workouts per week. So they divided their workouts into splits: chest day, back day, arm day, legs+abs day, etc. Before steroids even the genetically gifted strongmen and athletes were all doing full body workouts around three times per week. By having our nutrition so perfectly dialled in we were able to produce a bunch of really positive effects for our health, appetite, physique, energy levels and strength. Hell, we were even building muscle faster than we’d ever seen anyone else build muscle. At that point we started getting more emails from people who had seen our blog posts, and many of our friends were starting to ask for advice. We also realized that we needed calorie boosting strategies, since lots of skinny guys simply don’t have a big appetite. We decided to make a recipe book packed full of the best muscle-building recipes out there. If you want to master this once and for all and gain 20-30 pounds over the next couple of months check out our full step-by-step muscle-building system for naturally skinny dudes – complete with training program, nutrition program, recipe book, exercise videos, members community and individualized coaching from us.
As for what results you can expect, most of the guys going through our program who apply themselves and stick with it gain around 20 pounds in the first couple phases, and then either go on to gain more, or decide to trim off some fat or whatnot.
SapphireI’m going to be ridiculously sexist here, and just point out that I think you guys are looking FLY.
For example, Paleo is all about lean muscle, but it restricts the types of foods that are easy to overeat (grains, dairy, sugar, carbs), making it hard for us to get into a calorie surplus. For an idea of how well it works, a 2004 study found that the group of participants taking a placebo increased bicep size by 6% over the course of six weeks, whereas the group taking creatine increased their bicep size by 10% (study). If you want a more thorough explanation of creatine, check our article on muscle-building supplements for ectomorphs out. You’ll thus want to build a program out of deep heavy squats and deadlifts, which are excellent for sprint speed, vert, agility, balance on stable surfaces, and lower body mobility.
This greatly reduces the risk of injury (way way down below soccer), makes the experience far less frustrating and overwhelming, and actually allows you to focus on building muscle. A compound lift is one that uses two or more joints, like a chin up, and it will work many different muscle groups at once (biceps, back, forearms, etc). The squats will develop mobility, coordination and power in your lower body and build muscle in your legs, butt, lower back and abs.
Both adaptions would cause your muscles to grow bigger, but moderate rep bodybuilding would theoretically cause you grow by increasing the amount of fluid in your muscles, whereas strength training would theoretically cause you to grow by developing new muscle fibres. When it came time to gain more muscle, I enlisted my roommate, Jared, to be my summer-time training partner.
During my third and final muscle-building spree (while testing the Bony to Beastly Program), I went from 170ish up to 190ish. The study found that having higher amounts of muscle mass and strength improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, reduces triglycerides, improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels, and reduces the signs of aging. There are many success stories out there, including mine (read more about it here) so we know for sure that things can be done. Since you are a tall and skinny guy and you also have a fast metabolism you can eat just about anything. If you want to get deeper in this topic and to find out all there is to know about gaining muscle for skinny guys (exercises, workouts and diets) simply join the program of Vince del Monte.
That first month went so well that we decided to expand our muscle-building pact to four months, and by the end of those four months the Bony Boys were a thing of the past.

With a lot of these internet transformations guys will intentionally lose weight so they can rebuild it quickly.
At first it was a little discouraging, because absolutely everything mainstream is targeted at people looking to lose fat, not build muscle. We may not have had an appetite for food, but skinny desk-bound computer junkies that we were, we certainly had an appetite for information.
One is that nutrition is rarely a factor in studies looking into weightlifting, and weightlifting is rarely a factor in studies looking into muscle-building nutrition. This allowed them to absolutely annihilate a muscle group each session, which was cool, because they had enhanced abilities to recover from that intense weightlifting onslaught. While our workouts might not have been perfect for building muscle, our diet sure as hell was. We were still doing a mishmash of training routines, but more and more of our lifts were big compound lifts, more postural and strength work was being worked in, and we were ditching a lot of our mainstream bro-science bodybuilding habits for evidence-based bodybuilding, strength training and athletic conditioning stuff.
We wound up building Marco a blog, and to return the favour Marco offered to help us out with our ectomorph strength and muscle endeavours.
The workouts were more enjoyable, our strength was going up a hell of a lot quicker, and we felt healthier than ever. That was one of the things Jared and I struggled with the most, since all the other information out there is for guys who can effortlessly eat tons of food. Marco started crunching numbers, rigorously testing out training plans with some of his skinny personal training clients, and he took another course at the Postural Restoration Institute. I would guess you’d gain somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds, depending on how much weight training experience and muscle mass you already have.
Bench press for the fronts and middle of your shoulders, and chins (or variants) for the width of your upper back, traps and the backs of your shoulders.
Without experience in the muscle-building world though, it’s really tough to gauge how much muscle mass someone has, how difficult it is to get those results, and what the best way to get there is.
Instead of growing more muscle fibres, you’ll increase the quantity of mitochondria in your muscles and increase the activity of aerobic enzymes.
The better the quality of your workouts, the more insulin sensitive your muscle cells will be, and the more surplus calories they’ll soak up and turn into muscle. With a good lifting plan and good nutrition habits, some skinny guys can build a couple pounds of muscle each week during their first couple months of bulking up. More fibre can mean fewer bioavailable calories (both a blessing and a curse) and thus less potential for surplus calories spilling over into fat gains. Weightlifting will improve the insulin sensitivity in your muscle cells, making it more likely that the food you eat will go to muscle instead of fat (study). As for being good for your heart, it seems to have a positive effect on insulin sensitivity in guys who exercise (study) and it may help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides (study). Most of the research done into creatine has to do with muscle strength, size, power and speed. That way you’ll stimulate all of your muscles each week even if you only get one workout in. By that point the insulin sensitivity in your muscle cells will be back to normal, and they won’t be grabbing all those surplus calories and using them to build muscle. An isolation lift is one that primarily uses just one joint, like a curl, and aims to work just one muscle group (biceps). When it comes to building muscle you can’t get much better than a deep squat, a full range of motion chin-up, a dumbbell bench press, and a deadlift.
Using a wider variety of exercises means your muscles will grow in a more balanced and versatile way. Another study published by Schoenfeld found extremely similar muscle growth between both powerlifters and bodybuilders, even though their training routines were extremely different (study). His pelvis is tilted forward, perhaps from years of spending a lot of time sitting and not a lot of time developing strength or working on mobility. Many skinny guys go through their entire lives without ever addressing it and nothing all that horrifying happens.
I was way way too scared to walk into a supplement store and ask for it, let alone keep it around my room for other people to find.
We’ll start you off with simpler versions so that you can start lifting heavy (and building muscle) without being bogged down by a lack of experience.

In this article I will present to you the 3 main steps that a skinny guy needs to follow in order to gain quality muscles! Hell, it took a long time to figure out what we even were: ectomorphs, because of our small bone structure and long lanky limbs, and hardgainers, because of our muscle-resistant muscle fibres (slow twitch muscle fibres) and thyroid dominant hormone production. Many of these bodybuilders are not only genetically gifted at putting on muscle, they’re also pharmaceutically gifted at putting on muscle! This kept their bodies perpetually primed for muscle growth whether or not their training was optimal or not.
It was great knowing that the workouts we were doing in the gym was giving us strength we could use in the real world, too.
Where were all the meals you could cook in bulk and reheat, prepare quickly and wolf down, carry around on the go, whip up in a blender, prepare for dates, etc.
I found what you guys have made to be very easy to read and ubderstanfm it also helps that I can relate with everything your saying as well.
I have a small appetite, narrow wrists, neck and ankles, very long limbs, a very long torso, and I’m predominantly made up of slow twitch muscle fibres though, making my wider shoulder span pretty much my only mesomorphic trait. I don’t know a single skinny guy who wants to strut his no-muscles into a weightlifting gym.
This about the maximum musculature that a bodybuilder with his frame could hope to achieve at that bodyfat percentage (without using steroids). Around 90% of the questions we get are about the Bony to Beastly Program, and whether or not we’re a good fit for one another.
But after running this program for a couple years we’ve seen it first hand so many times that it seems obvious.
You’d have fitness model abs, a few pounds more muscle, and could begin bulking leanly from there. If you’re worried about gaining fat though, eat in a smaller surplus and gain weight more slowly.
In order to build new muscle mass, you need to be consuming enough protein to build that muscle with. Intermittent fasting is also seemingly all about muscle, but it restricts the number of meals you get to eat, making it nearly impossible to squeeze enough calories into an even shorter timeframe (study).
This suggests that while cardio is certainly great for your health, for optimum health you’ll also want to be a strong dude. If you run into a problem we haven’t pre-prepared for, we can coach you through it in the community. Some of the exercises that must be included in your workout are: the squats, the deadlifts, the biceps hammer curl, the incline bench press, the leg press and a few more others. There are many workouts to choose from, and the main idea is to work 2-3 muscular groups per workout (a large group and a smaller one), to make 3 exercises for the big group and 2 for the smaller one and to train for about 1,5-2 hours. To gain muscles you also need to eat a lot of carbohydrates, fruits & vegetables and also healthy fats. Partly because we were too ashamed to tell our friends and family that we were trying to build muscle.
Not only were Jared and I doing most exercises improperly for our lanky ectomorph frames, we were just plain doing them improperly for anyone’s body type.
But as I’ve said before, the main idea is to do the basic, compound exercises (those that work more muscle groups at the same time), and to stick to dumbbells and barbells. I was telling him that we were drinking high-carb workout drinks mixed with protein while working out. We even took guys training from home into account when filming the videos and designing the workout sheets. In order for his head to remain upright, his upper back rounds forwards and his neck juts forward.

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