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This can be consumed naturally through foods such as eggs, turkey and salmon and can also be taken in the form of supplements such as protein powders, milks or bars.A mixture of the two alongside a healthy diet is recommended. Whether it a be a sporting event to work towards or weight lost, muscle gained or even inches lost, having a target or goal is a great way of focusing your mind. In this program we concentrate on building lean defined muscle rather than bulk or volume, this will result in an athletic build. Larger muscle groups are trained first as they require more effort and therefore more energy.
The theory of training to a maximum weight on one set of a major muscle group is also used.

Lower Back – The erector spinae, which extends the back, aids in good posture and is part of the core group of muscles. Chest – The muscles of the chest are known as the Pecs, they are the large fan shaped muscles that covers the front of the upper chest. Biceps – Muscles includes the Latisimus Dorsi or the Lats, which are the large muscles of the mid back, they give the back a nice V shape, making the waist appear smaller. Rest is keyAlong with training and diet, rest is fundamental in making body composition changes.
Training in this manner occasionally ensures that the person exercising innervates more muscle fibers than are usually used, ensuring maximum effort.

I was told that to build lean muscle you can use lighter weights with higher reps and sets.

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