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Control what goes into your breakfast meat by making the Mayo Clinic’s recipe for homemade sausage.
Well, if you’re talking about the ones made with white flour tortillas and mystery meat, then me.
Your breakfast burrito doesn’t have to be completely processed and from a greasy bag though.
This awesome vegetarian creation uses egg whites, lentils and quinoa to pack protein into the most important meal of your day and no weird, rubbery pseudo-meat products. Its perfect balance of carbs, protein and healthy fat will keep you full and energized throughout your day — a must on tedious Mondays. People who surprise their co-workers with Big Ol’ Healthy Breakfast Burritos on Mondays, get promotions.

I (along with many in the healthy living community) used to think that yolk was bad for you. Secondly, I also try to get an even balance of carbs, protein and fat with each meal, so I will skip the yolk if I’m incorporating a different healthy fat. The American Dietetic Association recommends a simple breakfast of a whole-grain English muffin with a slice of lean ham and some low-fat cheese.
Though my opinion has changed now that I know the truth about yolks (that they’re full of amazingly healthy stuff), my palate has really adapted to the taste of egg whites.
I am ashamed to admit I ate one of those jack in the box breakfast burritos… It was one of my first meals in America! I'm an Entertainment Reporter turned Healthy Living Blogger, CPT & aspiring RD, here in the heart of Los Angeles.

Instead, create a healthy breakfast that will give you energy and help you feel good throughout the day.
The American Council on Exercise provides a healthier version of a strata in its Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole recipe, which makes a well-balanced breakfast.

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