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The Black Diamond Momentum SA is the speed adjust buckle version of the popular Black Diamond Momentum AL.
It is only if you want a high end or application-specific harness that you need to look at others. This climbing harness has it all: comfort, great gear loops, sleek design, full strength trail line loop and beefy belay loop. The second point, about the fraying of the waist webbing at the harness buckle, is a major issue and has caused me to retire two of these harnesses of the last two years. This harness is about to be retired and it's only one year old!Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this product to a friend.
This is the only harness I've ever owned, so I can only compare it to gym harnesses, but I've been very happy with it.

I also have a problem with the SA buckles loosening, especially on the leg loops, which hasn't imperiled my life yet, but has led me away from this harness.
Only part of this review I don't understand is the notion that this is a beginner's or first time harness. The Best Climbing Harness for Men ReviewA review of the best climbing harness options for trad, sport, and gym climbing. For example, if you wanted the ultimate sport climbing harness, you could shell out another $55 for the Black Diamond Ozone, but in the end the Momentum would be almost as comfortable, more versatile, and come at a fraction of the price. View our complete Climbing Harness Review to see how this product compared to others in our updated 2015 review. The gear loops are nice because they are rigid, stick out from the harness and are easy to clip.

Price is right, but they just don't last if you're climbing physical pitches, and it seems to me that quality of BD harness production has gone down over time. This is not a big deal but it downgrades the harness from "ridiculously good deal" to just "good deal." By comparison, the Mad Rock Mars comes with self-locking buckles and is $15 less expensive. I bought it because it was the cheapest harness at REI, and whenever I go "cheapest" I know there's a good chance I'll find problems later, but in this case I haven't found any. The leg loops are easy to release, actually much easier to release than those on the higher end Black Diamond harnesses.

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