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My gym here consists of an old rug in a dirty unfinished basement with one 100 pound dumbbell, a 70 pound kettlebell, and two resistance bands. Once you understand that strength training is more about basic movement patterns than equipment, the available training options around you open up immensely: A beach with a heavy rock or a rusty ship off the coast of Somalia becomes a versatile gym. You no longer have to worry about falling behind physically every time you travel; you’ve got the freedom to train anywhere or build an effective home gym with a bare minimum of tools. A kettlebell is a really handy and versatile tool, which is why it’s one of the first things I look for when I need a minimalist gym.
Dedicated exercise equipment belongs in the gym.  For getting a quick workout while you're at home, Lucie Koldova's Fitness Furniture makes the most sense, allowing you to have functional home fixtures that you can also use to work up a sweat.
Geared towards allowing light, bodyweight-exploiting movements, Lucie's showcase for her 2009 Diploma project uses a minimal amount of pieces that can be arranged as regular furniture for bedrooms or other areas of the house.  Three items come with the exhibit - a multi-function closet, a table that can double as equipment for dips and an attractive mat for performing floor exercises. If you don’t have the time or budget, or issues with location from either your house or your office, the best way to stay fit is to purchase a Home Gym. A lot of people are sceptical about using home gyms, especially for most of which prefer using free weights.
We will break down the upside and downside of each type, and we will give you a brief summary for each technology, and our recommendation on what the best Home Gym is for you. Among the different types of Home Gyms, the Plate Loading system is the closest thing that you can get to a free weight set.

Here is where we help you and narrow down your choices to the best home gyms available in the market today that is a very good replacement to free weights. The most common home gym types use pin stacks, while there are home gyms that use plate loading resistance.
We will be basing each type of Home Gym on different brands and models of the world’s top makers of fitness equipment so we can determine the pros and cons of each type of Home Gym. If the stack limit is 150 lbs, you will be unable to add more resistance to the workouts that you perform on a pin stack Home Gym. While most home gyms can stack up to 200 lbs., the maximum weight utilization for Lever Gyms is up to 500 lbs. The Pin Stacks may give you more options in placing your Home Gym in a small quarter, but the weight resistance may become inconsistent and the limited weight options make it improbable for you to progress on improving your strength gains. And as a person who works 9 to 5, even if I spend a couple of hours eating dinner outside, I know that once I get home, I have all the time in my hands to workout and not worry about anything else.
It utilizes only a small space in your house, it provides versatility in exercise execution, and assures safety for people who have no time to drag their gym partner to their home, or if the spotter is not available.
People who own a home gym saves money in three ways: no membership fees, it reduces the purchase of additional equipment, and no transportation expenses are needed to travel to the gym. To get a closer look on pin stacks, we choose one of the best pin stack Home Gyms right now, the BodySolid Powerline PHG1000X.

Powertec are the leading makers of Plate Loading Home Gyms, and one of their more popular models is the Powertec Workbench LeverGym.
Production of resistance bands for Home Gyms has decreased due to the durability of the resistance band as opposed to its users.
The Resistance Band or Power Rod resistance is far off compared to the other home gyms in terms of resistance accuracy and long-term consistency. Nowadays, Home Gym makers have replaced resistance bands with Power Rods to withstand a higher frequency of usage. The Plate Loading Home Gym’s levers provide a lesser angle of motion compared to cables, it works similar to executing a Bench Press without worrying about getting dropped on by a 300 pound barbell, or hurting your back while performing a heavy load of Shrugs. You may be looking to set up your first home gym or you may want to supplement your sports training done outside the home.
But the equipment in your inexpensive, complete home gym, shown below, will likely become your favorite pieces of exercise equipment.

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