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Basic meditation, the practice of doing nothing and being tuned in to your own mind at the same time, can be frustrating at first. When it comes to learning meditation, or learning anything new for that matter, it helps to bring in some visual representations.
Mindful celebrates mindfulness, awareness, and compassion in all aspects of life—through Mindful magazine,, events, and collaborations. January 9, 2011 by Donna Marie I write frequently about how to deal with stress using mindfulness meditation.

In the next article I will discuss how long held beliefs shape our stress reactions and the second Mindfulness Meditation Technique.
Make your daily practice easy with Donna Marie’s Relaxations for Inner Peace audio program of guided meditations,  soothing music and soundDe-Stress Store.
But research shows it reduces stress and increases focus. Here are some simple steps to get you started. In this series of articles I’m going to go deeper into the practice of mindfulness meditation so you may more effectively include some part of the method I will describe in your daily practice for health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness helps you to slow down long enough to become aware of what is happening in your mind, body and emotions where you have more control. Mindfulness meditation helps you to become aware of how your body responds to stress, the emotions you are having and of the thoughts that trigger your emotions.

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