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Some of our Zen retreats ('sesshin') follow closely the traditional methods of teaching and practice, and others such as our 'Western Zen Retreat' include adaptations to match the Western mind.
Silent Illumination is a profound meditation practice which leads to a mind of great calmness and insight, using ancient Chinese Zen methods which are just as applicable to the modern West. The ancient Chinese Zen practices of investigating Huatou and Gongan (Koan) are best practised in a supportive environment such as this intensive silent retreat. This workshop retreat will encourage everyday awareness as a fundamental Chan life practice.
An 'interview' is a private conversation about your meditation practice and any difficulties you are experiencing with it with one of our experienced retreat leaders.
Silent Illumination is the origin of the Japanese Soto practice of Shikantaza but is approached somewhat differently and full instruction will be given.This seven-night silent retreat is an opportunity to learn and deepen this practice through intensive meditation, with instruction and personal guidance by individual interviews with an experienced teacher. We will offer individual and group work to develop mindfulness allowing time for exploration and understanding of individual experience through the lens of meditation. Whether or not a breakthrough to Enlightenment may occur, establishing a practice gives a firm basis for subsequent ongoing mindfulness and compassion in everyday life. Rising early each day, the retreat will also include teaching, silence, interviews and periods for exercise.Open equally to beginners and established meditators.
This enables you to get the most out of your retreat by ensuring that you are meditating effectively and adjusting your practice according to your individual experience and circumstances. Oscailt:Right in the heart of Dublin Ireland in a beautiful Georgian building, Oscailt offers mindfulness MBSR-MBCT training, counselling, and a wide range of holistic events and therapies.
Plum Village Ireland:Mindfulness Ireland is a network of people in Ireland who practice mindful living and mindfulness meditation according to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, in the Plum Village style.
Mindfulness Ireland organizes meditation retreats with monks and nuns from the Plum Village tradition twice a year.

They also offer introductions to the practice, days of mindfulness and retreats to support individuals and families3. Dominican Retreat Centre:The Dominican Retreat Centre in Tallaght Dublin Ireland, a monastic site since 8th centre, is a tranquil retreat centre complete with an 18th century walled garden, ancient trees and a labyrinth.
They offer a comprehensive range of meditation retreats, workshops and weekly events on mindfulness and meditation as well as creative arts like pottery as meditation. The Sanctuary Meditation GroupThe Sanctuary, a small retreat oasis in downtown Dublin, offers meditation retreats and mindfulness training courses in the different traditions of mindfulness and meditation, as well as half-day group and drop in meditations.5. Located in Kilmainham, Dublin,Ireland it offers ongoing meditation mindfulness training courses and regular meditation retreats, sessions and talks.6. They practice meditation according to the Soto Zen tradition, as transmitted by the monk Taisen Deshimaru, who brought Zen from Japan to Europe in 1967 and was a disciple of Kodo Sawaki.7. Shambhala Centre:Shambhala is an international community of practitioners of meditation in the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions.
The Dublin Shambhala Centre, located in downtown Dublin Ireland , offers meditation instruction, Buddhist and Shambhala teachings, and a place for community to gather. Dzoghen Beara:Dzogchen Beara is a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat centre under the spiritual direction of Sogyal Rinpoche, author of "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying". It is the long-term retreat centre for Rigpa - an international network of Buddhist Centres.The Centre is situated on the wild and beautiful Beara Peninsula in south-west Ireland, and sits high on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has affiliated groups throughout Northern Ireland.and organises regular meditation retreats Their spiritual leader is Roshi Paul Haller, an authorized Dharma heir of the Suzuki Roshi lineage.
Passaddhi seeks to make the teachings of the Buddha, and in particular the meditation practices of Vipassana (mindfulness or Insight), and metta (Loving-Kindness) available to as many people as possible, whether they are Buddhist or not.12. Wicklow, Ireland offers a wide variety of courses, classes, workshops and meditation sessions throughout the year.

London Insight Meditation:The London Insight Meditation UK offers a programme of events based in the Insight (Vipassana) meditation tradition. Gaia House:Gaia House Meditation Retreat Centre offers silent meditation retreats in the Buddhist tradition.
Established in the early 1980s, the monastery is inspired by the Thai Forest Tradition and the teachings of the late Ajahn Chah, renowned Thai monk and teacher, who encouraged Ajahn Sumedho to settle in UK and found monasteries and meditation retreat centres here.4. Kagyu Samye Ling:Founded in 1967, the Kagyu Samye Ling meditation retreat centre is located in a peaceful valley on the banks of the river Esk in Scotland. Dhamma Dipa Vipassana Meditation Centre:Dhamma Dipa (Island of Dhamma) is one of the many meditation centres around the world dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S.
Sharpham Trust:This is a non-denominational Buddhist centre in Devon UK that promotes wellbeing mindfulness training meditation retreats and sustainable living on community, guided or solitary retreats.
London Meditation:They offer mindfulness training courses-based cognitive behavioural therapy (MCBT) and meditation courses. Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre:This offers a wide range of retreats including yoga, hill walking, Tai Chi, arts and alternative health, all complementing a programme of introductory meditation retreats .
Additionally, there are meditation and Buddhist study retreats designed for those with a more regular practice.10.
Be Mindful:This is run by by the Mental Health Foundation to allow people to experience the health benefits of Mindfulness.
Mindfulness training courses- (MBSR) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses are organized throughout the UK.

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