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In addition to mindfulness practices, the use of yoga helps reverse the prevalence of disuse atrophy from our culture’s largely sedentary lifestyle, especially for those with pain and chronic illness. Mindfulness meditation has the power to transform and enliven the culture of your workplace by offering the tools for all team members—employees, supervisors, managers, and top leaders—to deal with stress effectively.
Mindfulness Meditation onsite is designed to suit the needs of a variety of workplace settings. We offer a variety of formats, including company-sponsored or employee-sponsored classes, weekly or daily.
In a large 2011 study[7]a major insurance carrier working with researchers at Duke Integrative Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania and an evidence-based mind-body wellness company found that annual healthcare costs for the previous year were $1,992 higher for the most highly stressed employees (top quintile) than for the least-stressed quintile. Hines & Associates, a Chicago-based provider of personalized managed care services to employers and insurers, began exploring new offerings to differentiate its suite of utilization review, case management, disease management and other services.
Hines decided to pilot the wellness company’s eight-week online program in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). The Seven Pillars of Mindfulness: These ‘pillars’ are possible to achieve through your mindful practice as it develops. Emma personally knows the benefits of mindfulness – suffering from MS she attended a course recommended by her consultant two years ago and feels that meditating daily has helped her avoid having a relapse for over two years. Based on Emma’s experience she felt that mindfulness would be beneficial to other Capital One employees. Even though absence levels are consistently lower than industry standard at Capital One, the company decided to offer two-hour introductory mindfulness workshops to all employees. Capital One has also created a mindfulness room for employees to use in their breaks or lunchtimes.
David Bolt (Assistant General Counsel) and Diane Needham (Front Line Operations manager) are two employees who feel that mindfulness has been of significant benefit to them.

Analysis was performed following the first MBSR course and it was found that attendees achieved significantly lower stress levels and improved mindfulness benefits when compared to a control group.
Please feel free to get in touch with Shona with questions about mindfulness or to discuss your needs for mindfulness training. The following are targeted at the health professional or mindfulness facilitator, but are quite useful for getting an idea of how mindfulness is being applied to help those suffering from depression or anxiety. The benefits of this simple, teachable practice for stress reduction and optimal functioning are extraordinary.
With greater awareness and confidence, the release of habitual patterns reduces stress and allows the workplace environment to become dynamic and creative, enabling employees to be more productive, efficient, happier, and work more collaboratively. Qualities of courage, curiosity, empathy, wisdom and sense of humor bring greater joy and satisfaction in life. Participants attend one or more 30-, 45- or 60-minutes sessions a week during lunch or break times for four to eight weeks, and learn a variety of mindfulness tools, including body scan, relaxation, and breathwork. Hines selected a wellness program partner after seeing the evidence that mindfulness-based practices reduce stress and that stress impairs productivity at work. Once you have established a regular or daily mindfulness practice, these pillars can inspire you and are useful to keep in mind as you prepare to practice. We say, ‘I’m going to get relaxed’ or ‘control my pain’ – using mindfulness, then we introduce an expectation that gets in the way of attending to what is real this moment. Emma Wardropper, Employee Relations Advisor, has helped embed mindfulness practice within the business. Mindfulness was initially offered to a small population of employees receiving support from an external psychologist provided by Capital One. This has a resources corner featuring research, evidence and information on the business case for mindfulness.
Mindfulness skills can be learned in classes of one to two hours in duration, usually meeting weekly for a period of eight to twelve weeks.

In their unique online virtual classroom, employees can participate in live, interactive classes from the convenience of their workplace or home. Impact of a workplace stress reduction program on blood pressure and emotional health in hypertensive employees.
To-date more than 300 employees have attended the introductory workshop to find out how mindfulness could benefit them in both their work and home lives.
Mindfulness meditation is a simple, relaxing method to manage stress, difficult emotions and pain in the body. Mindfulness meditation cultivates mental focus, resilience, flexibility, creativity and intuition within individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole. Mindfulness has been integrated into the culture of Capital One and initiatives are offered as a way to help all employees who live, as many of us do, with busy minds and busy lives. Employees learn to reflect rather than react in work situations, they listen better and offer feedback and supervision more skillfully. Mindfulness is a way to experientially learn to take better care of ourselves by exploring and understanding the interplay of mind and body to handle stress more adaptively and improve work performance. Employers find their modest investment in mindfulness meditation training is more than returned with healthier, more resilient employees.

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