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Kabatznick presents herself as a specialist in weight management first and a long-time mindfulness practitioner second. Verdict: although contrived in places, The Zen of Eating is a thoughtful, intelligent read. Mandy Sutter is a freelance writer who lives with her partner and their large black dog in Ilkley, UK. Some relate to spiritual practice as much as to eating: for example, he suggests watching a lava lamp as a visual metaphor for the morphing nature of thought.

The Zen of Eating came top for me, because I loved its rigour and commitment; the way it reached into all the little corners of its subject.
Her debut novel, Stretching It, a comedy about a young woman's search for love, was published in July 2013 and is available on Amazon and Kindle.
It’s a worry that the Middle Way might end up being pressed into the service of fatties everywhere, and sometimes the text creaks as detailed aspects of Buddhist practice are forced into relevance with eating, but most of the book works very well. She suggests dedication of merit: offering any benefit that comes from your commitment to healthy eating to specific people or groups of people (for example cutting back on red meat could be dedicated to heart disease patients).

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