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Brain WorkOut is an original game that puts your intelligence to the test through various puzzles. Along with this sudden self-consciousness that we're falling into a hole of senility has come a variety of titles that will restore your mind and maintain it at its optimum "level", just like Brain Workout does.
There are five categories – Logic, Memory, Numerical, Spatial, and Verbal - each containing three games that can be played at five difficulty levels. There are skins available but they act as nothing more than a colour change and are so harsh that they could put you off your dinner, never mind the puzzles you're supposed to complete.

The trials that make up the game let you stimulate multiple areas of your mind to stretch and optimize the following modes of thought: Logic, Spatial, Verbal, Memory and Numerical. Take a daily test for about 10 minutes a day and track your improvement as you build on your brain power and progress to higher levels. The main purpose of the game is the "Daily Brain Test" that gives you one puzzle from each category and records your results for the progress chart. For all the hype that brain exercise has received, Brain Workout may be worth a look, but when it comes down to it give me a book and a good game of chess any day.

Workout your mind in practice mode and improve on any areas highlighted in your progress chart. You can also practice the games as much as you like, uploading your score to the Brain Workout web site, but that won't particularly help you in the quest for the perfect mind.

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