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The inner voice of someone with low self-esteem often manifests in one of the following personas: a nagger, a generalist, a comparer, a catastrophizer, or a mind-reader. Making your loved ones aware of your self-esteem building journey will encourage them to act as a support system for you.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because this is what motivates people to improve, find better and more efficient ways of doing things, and be the most excellent they can be.
Don't let magazine ads and other media outlets quash your self confidence with their marketing ploys: Marketing campaigns often prey on fear and insecurity by bringing those feelings to the forefront. People who consistently say negative things about others are low quality people and if they were characters in a book they would not be worth the ink that's used or the paper they're printed on. This version of How to Develop Self?Esteem was reviewed by Kirsten Schuder on February 26, 2015. Identify the thoughts, feelings, physical symptoms, and behaviors associated with low self-esteem.
Recognizing the symptoms will help you know what thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to target for improvement. Stop thinking of yourself in terms of weaknesses and instead think about areas you would like to improve, and only because changing them will make you happy. Choosing to take care of yourself a few minutes a day is all it takes not only to raise your own self-esteem, but also to serve as a great example for your kids.
Also, if you have a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, or other types of disorders, this can have an effect on your self-esteem.[13] Getting treatment for a mental disorder can improve the quality of your life. Always feel self-conscious around other people, be overly preoccupied with their appearance, or think that other people think negatively of them.

Being constantly criticized by family, friends, and society tends to slowly strip us of our feelings of self worth. Self-esteem, or the way we feel about ourselves, is an important aspect of our emotional well-being. Knowing that you have low self-esteem is the first step to improving and overcoming that mental habit.[3] You may have low self-esteem if you have negative thoughts about yourself. The key to developing self-esteem is to turn your inner voice from a negative, critical voice to a positive, encouraging voice. You can set goals for improving yourself without expecting perfection in every aspect of your life. It can be difficult to make time for yourself, but making time to do things that make you feel relaxed and happy can improve your self-esteem as well as your productivity at work and at home. Choosing foods that are more nutritious and lower in sugar and fat can boost your energy, cut down on sugar crashes, and improve your overall health. If you find that one or more of these behavioral statements apply to you, your self-esteem may be having a greater impact on the way that you live than you realize. Whether you realize it or not, your own thoughts in your head are trapping you inside the cycle of low self-esteem. Now that you know some reasons why loss of self-esteem occur and the basic negative thoughts that are responsible for perpetuating low self-esteem, you can begin the process to change your beliefs about yourself. It is important to address ways that you would like to improve without overly focusing on ideas of strength or weakness.
Learning how to be assertive can help increase self-esteem.[8] Assertiveness helps encourage other people to treat you with respect, which will help encourage positive self-esteem.

If you are having trouble with raising your self-esteem or would like to see quicker progress, consider going to professional therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)[14] has been shown to be effective at improving self-esteem. Our low self esteem strips us of the self confidence to make even the smallest of decisions.
High self-esteem means that we love and accept ourselves for the way we are, and generally feel satisfied most of the time.
You do not have to be perfect to have high self-esteem.[11] If you can accept yourself as you are, even if you are trying to improve in some areas, you will have much higher self-esteem.
Include in your life instead people who are positive and support your positive self-thoughts. Some behaviors from other people can have a direct impact on your self-esteem if you hear it long enough. Setting an initial goal to be more positive about yourself will put you on the path to greater self-confidence. Improving your self esteem increases your confidence and is a first step towards finding happiness and a better life.

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