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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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Join us every Friday evening for a session of collective practice, including meditation, chanting, and a special puja on the Fridays closest to the full moon. This workshop is an intensive introduction to the Metta Bhavana (Loving-kindness) meditation practice.
In this half day workshop we will explore several fundamental teachings of the Buddhist tradition.
Commonly heard teachings such as the Four Noble Truths will be explored in the framework of the Threefold Path: Ethics, Meditation, Wisdom.
Join senior meditation teacher Bodhana to learn specific techniques to deepen your meditation practice. This intensive retreat creates an atmosphere conducive to extended meditation with the fewest external distractions. On these six Wednesday evenings we will learn traditional Buddhist meditations and also explore basic Buddhist teachings. The three basic meditation forms taught will include the Mindfulness of Breathing, the Metta Bhavana or development of loving-kindness meditation, and walking meditation. This monthly informal drawing group grew out of a Drawing and Meditation Workshop and it’s a great way to meet up with other artistic spiritual friends.
This month expand your meditation practice and join Order member Lilasiddhi in an intensive Saturday workshop called Moving Into the Dhyanas!
As one season ends and another begins, explore ways to integrate your mind and body using yoga and meditation. The day will begin promptly at 8am with gentle stretching and breathing followed by a period of meditation. As we enter the depths of winter we will use the opportunity of this end of year retreat to do two things: We will simply enjoy days of shared stillness, deep silence and meditation, and we will quietly reap the benefits this will inevitably bring. We will explore the Buddha’s teachings on mindfulness in a down-to-earth, practical way through meditation, discussion, and hands-on exercises.
Several days of stillness, silence, and meditation can be an important means to deeper understanding of ourselves and the Dharma. This workshop teaches beginners how to meditate and apply the benefits of meditation to the workplace, home-life or life in general. The practice of meditation has been around for thousands of years but today therapists are recommending it, doctors are prescribing it, churches are offering it, celebrities swear by it. In fact, the practice was made trendy back in the 1960s when all four of the Beatles traveled to India to study meditation at the feet of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Rist explains the most common complaint people have is stress but even after just a few meditation s, people come back happier and calmer.
Twice a day meditation is the cure for what ails you at the Maharishi Academy of Total Knowledge in Antrim. For those who are not in a rush to find their bliss (or simply more frugal), there is the meditation practice within Zen Buddhism. In other words, it's by focusing on the process of meditation and not on the meditation that one draws closer to understanding Zen. Lama John Makransky leads a session of Tibetan meditation at the Wonderwell Mountain Refuge in Springfield.

Not everyone has the time or resources to pack off to a picturesque retreat center to meditate, reflect on some of life's questions and enjoy the mountain air, so Miller offers an easy exercise to begin practicing meditation that anyone can use. Meditative retreats on Star Island are hosted by the United Church of Christ and are open to all religions. Those who are more at home within the Western world of religious practice will find that meditation is alive and well in many Christian churches. Smedile explains that Christian meditation actually first became popularized and rediscovered in the 1960s (about the same time the Beatles were sitting at the feet of the Maharishi). The practice of meditation is not all that different from any number of means of preparing oneself for a higher calling, says Smedile. So the process is similar to that practiced by Buddhists, but the difference lies in what your focus is during that meditation. Whether it be from God or from nature, or whether it be about investigations into the self or newly recharged brainpower, what these meditation experts can agree on is that there is something there. To find out if meditation is for you requires just three things, all quite simple, but somehow so hard to do. You'd think not much has changed about meditation in the two and a half millennia since Siddhartha Gautama sat beneath the Bhodi tree and attained enlightenment. But according to Bodhipaksa, the founder of, an online meditation resource, meditators have been early adopters of technology ever since the invention of the book. He's currently experimenting with Google Glass (pictured) and has found that it can be a tool for teaching good meditation posture and perhaps offer a view of a serene landscape to someone actually surrounded by a bustling environment.
Cathedral of the Pines is the ideal destination for those interested in letting the natural splendor of New Hampshire soothe their meditating minds. Although a Buddhist center, Aryaloka is open to all faiths and people at all points in their meditation journey.
This workshop offers instruction in foundations of meditation through sitting, standing, walking, and dialogue practices.
Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for open meditation sessions, followed by time for discussion. Basic methods of setting up our meditation and the traditional Buddhist meditation form will taught. Topics covered will be how to move beyond common obstacles in meditation, such as sluggishness and restlessness, and how to recognize and cultivate the qualities of a concentrated mind. Retreat participants will have no responsibilities during their time here so they can focus completely on their meditation practice. When study series are complete for our Tuesday Friend’s Nights we like to hold these evenings to delve deeper into meditation before embarking on a new series. This workshop will explore these refined mental states and provide tools to help us experience them more readily during meditation. The Silence and Stillness retreat is a one day retreat dedicated to building a meditation practice.
Most of the old dorm rooms are empty, and the occupied portions are decorated with informational posters on Transcendental Meditation (TM) and portraits of the Maharishi. The locals of Springfield continued to call it that, so the name was easily adopted by Miller and her Boston-based meditation and Buddhist group, Natural Dharma, when they relocated to Springfield in 2011.

There is something to meditation — something ancient and powerful but perhaps more relevant than ever in our busy modern world.
Now from his offices in Newmarket he publishes guided meditations online and via CD and mp3. Their organized retreats offer new meditators an opportunity to learn how to bring meditation and mindfulness into one's everyday life in order to seek out greater awareness and contentment with the world.
Teaching incorporation of meditation into daily life, deepening meditation practices, and Buddhist principles, Wonderwell has organized retreats for every step of the process for people of any faith. I take responsibility for offering a space for practice, some teachings, and ongoing encouragement for participants to maintain & develop meditation practice in their lives. For beginners, this workshop will provide a good introduction to foundations of meditation, and early encouragement to find what works for them & develop it well. The second meditation session will begin with refuges and precepts, three fold puja, and then a meditation period till 10am. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice the techniques being taught and ask questions about one’s own meditation experience. In each class there is a short talk, gentle meditation, and an arts and crafts activity related to a Buddhist theme. Meditation Tune-Up Evenings have three separate groups, cafe style, focusing on meditation posture, issues and obstacles in meditating, and dropping the counting in the Mindfulness of Breathing practice. The morning portion of the celebration will feature meditation and a talk on the significance of the Sangha in the Buddhist tradition.
Gentle yoga and mindfulness meditation will be provided at a level appropriate for all participants. Meanwhile, the Maharishi used his image, always robed in white and carrying bundles of flowers, to brand his own style of meditation. More advanced practitioners will enjoy the opportunity to develop their ability to lead and receive guided meditation instruction. We study and practice meditation and Buddhadharma in a spiritual community based on the ideals of compassion, generosity, and awareness. This retreat is suitable for all levels, although most beneficial for anyone who has taken an Introduction to Meditation class. This gentle introductory retreat is open to all, especially those with no prior experience with meditation or Buddhism. Main saw the parallels between Eastern meditation and the writings of the desert fathers — monks who retreated from worldly life to live apart, often as hermits, and devote themselves to contemplation of God. He eventually brought the meditative practices he had developed to abbeys in Washington, DC, and London where he established Christian meditation groups.

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