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Mala Beads aren't just beautiful pieces of jewelry — they are also important mediums for peace and enlightenment.Traditionally, the beads have been used in prayer and meditation. I had the pleasure of receiving complimentary Mala Beads from Tiny Devotions for the purposes of this honest, Tried and True Green Product Review. They offered to send me my choice of Mala Beads and I opted for Turquoise Ocean (purported to inspire communication, healing, balance).
So with this in mind, I’ve been wearing my beads for a portion of my day, every day for the past week.
Japa mala meditation can help to focus the mind and still the otherwise constant stream of thoughts.
As you touch each bead individually, you can repeat a mantra, a word or phrase that brings the mind to single pointed focus.
Close the eyes and start to breathe more fully, relaxing the facial muscles and feeling the ribcage expand with every inhale. To start the meditation, hold the mala and touch each bead individually and mentally repeat a mantra. You will know you have completed one round of your meditation when you reach the largest stone, the guru bead. Miakoda malas use moonstone guru beads to bring the power of the moon and connection to the natural cycles of life and intuition into the practice of meditation and spiritual life.

To practice, pair your mala with this simple, trust-building mantra meditation on YogaVibes. Handmade in Bali our malas help people live a more conscious lifestyle, manifest their dreams, and meditate deeply. Upon opening the package, I was struck by how beautiful they were and couldn’t wait to try them. The Mala beads and crystals transmute energy so one should be mindful of who touches them, and keeping them pure and clean. I love "Om" or "So Hum" because they are simple and remind us of our interconnectedness with all things.
One special stone imbued with energetic qualities like love, healing, strength or fortune forms the centerpiece of a long necklace with 108 sacred Rudraksha seeds strung alongside.
At first my biggest concern was to avoid breaking a bead for fear of bad karma but that thought seems to have melted away. Attempting to stop thought can produce feelings of failure and judgment surrounding meditation. YogaVibes partners with the world’s best teachers and studios to bring their classes to you, on-demand.

As advised, be sure to attune your Mala to your energy you should use it everyday for the first 40 days by either using it for mantra meditation or wearing it. It can be as simple as the word 'love,' something you are thankful for, or a phrase such as 'om shanti, shanti, shanti' which represents all encompassing peace.To count your mantras, hold your mala in your hand and turn each bead with your thumb and middle finger. When thoughts arise, redirect your attention and awareness to the tactile sensation of holding the mala.
From sweaty Core Fusion and Vinyasa classes to Kundalini and meditation practices, you’ll find the yoga you need today.
Remember — mala beads embody calmer mind, body, and spirit, no matter your reason for turning to them.

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