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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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Meditation is a harmonious blend of twelve ancient oils including frankincense, oakmoss and balsom of tolu. Many of us don’t have an entire room that can be dedicated to meditation, and there may not be enough space even for a permanent reconfiguration of furniture or walls to accommodate a small personal sanctuary. Living rooms or other shared spaces can be made into gorgeous meditation rooms, but you may run into conflict if people you live with don’t like your decorating choices.
Many people like setting up a meditation room using tatami squares and shoji screens to create a tranquil setting.
But don’t get stuck believing that your meditation room has to “look Buddhist” or have any spiritual flavor whatsoever.
You might enjoy having some incense burning while you meditate; or, incense might make you sneeze… so again, please honor what you want to experience and throw out the rest! The ultimate goal is to make it easy to stay focused and relaxed while you are meditating; so the less distraction and the more comfort, the better, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep! If you do not have the space indoors to create an entire meditation room, a corner of a room will do just fine! Your meditation room is your special place so trust your intuition and avoid “you should” advice from anyone, including this article!
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Historically, incense has been used for at least 5000 years - to accompany prayer, to worship the Gods, purify the air, release negative vibrations, induce self-awareness and to uplift the emotional state. Treatments are carried out on a comfortable couch with soothing background music, the client remains fully clothed and is encouraged to relax deeply.
One of the most famous fragrances in Australian incense history it has been a favourite for many many years.
Infused with concentrated native or classic fragrances and beautifully packaged it makes a perfect gift. Your own private hideaway will make meditation an even more enjoyable practice that you look forward to as a daily escape from the world. Having a special place is good; but it doesn’t have to be a room per se, just a space with a few special items (or lack of items) where you can sit with yourself. A meditation space can be part of a multi-purpose room: for example a home office, a guest room or even a corner in the living room or bedroom will work. If you like, personalize your space with some accessories like Tibetan bowls, incense, candles, statues, a mirror, plants or wall art.
It is a highly personal space meant to enhance the meditation experience, and if you don’t like Buddhist art – if Buddha statues just aren’t your thing – then don’t use them!

Burning incense will not make you any more or less spiritual; it simply creates an atmosphere that may or may not resonate with you. Each incense had a specific purpose and effect - for example, Frankincense was regarded as "sustenance for the gods". The room’s decor can be modified to suit your meditation needs – in the case of bedrooms and home offices, this works really well because those spaces will benefit from the soothing colors and minimalist decor of a meditation room! You have to know how you like to sit before you invest in meditation mats or cushions – the Lotus position is definitely not for everyone!
As you become more advanced in your practice, you may choose to alter the way you sit and use a meditation stool, meditation cushion, a mat or you may prefer the bare ground. Most people associate inner peace and quiet (a silent mind) with outer peace and quiet – meaning a lack of decor that might distract you from your practice.

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