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Past experiences are recorded in our subconscious mind and on a daily basis they affect our actions and outlook on life.
This meditation cleans old fears, buried anger, and negative thoughts from the different layers of our mind, every negative emotion & thought you`ve been carrying for a long time. Un ancien membre It was nice to be a part of this great session, talk about about clearing the mind and opening up; awesome ans FUN! In Part II, we examined how our beliefs are impressed upon the subconscious and how they can affect who and what we ultimately become. In this third installment, we are going to clarify how the subconscious mind can help us achieve our physique goals and learn how we can use meditation to access the gateway into the subconscious mind. In the last part of this series I’ll reveal the techniques by which you may reprogram your subconscious mind for success and completely destroy any limiting beliefs you may have picked up over the years.
First of all, we just learned that the subconscious mind is largely responsible for all of your conditioned behaviors, habits, and personality. Secondly, and just as importantly, we also learned that the subconscious mind is responsible for handling all of the autonomic functions of the body; like breathing, heart beat, digestion, immune system. There have been more than 600 scientific studies, which have been published in over 100 leading scientific journals concerning the IMMENSE BENEFITS of Meditation. Now, I’m not suggesting that all of a sudden you’ll see steroid-like gains if you start meditating.
We’re not even talking about ALL the other scientific benefits of meditation here… or even the mental or spiritual benefits! The subconscious mind plays a powerful role in the functionality and sustainability of your body. It’s a great way to clear the mind from unnecessary thought, and open the gateway into the subconscious mind. Thus, knowing that your thoughts create your reality is of little use to you, unless you take full control of your mind and think the thoughts that will lead you to action and therefore your desires. In fact, the sad reality is that most people are so enslaved by their minds that they think the mind is who they are. Meditation can also be used to access the subconscious and tap into the deeper wisdom that lies beyond the realm of our conscious mind. By making use of meditation and integrating it into our daily routine we can effectively reduce the number of thoughts we are thinking each day by stilling the mind.
By eliminating these unnecessary and excessive thought patterns we also improve the efficacy of the other techniques we will utilize for influencing and harnessing the power our subconscious mind. Your mind will try everything in its power to distract you, to convince you that this is a waste of time, to lure you back into the unconscious thought patterns that are keeping you trapped and enslaved by it.
This ability to become fully present is what is referred to as mindfulness in Zen and you will begin to have a deeper understanding of your true nature.

We will be using meditation to prepare, relax, and heal the body and the mind from our physical training, as well as, to further develop the proper mindset.
Meditation works well in unison with the other techniques like creative visualization and affirmations. It is important to note though, that meditation is quite effective on its own for body and life transformation. There are many different techniques on how to meditate and many are effective, however I prefer to use the ancient Zen Buddhist form of meditation. I believe this is the purest form of meditation and is in alignment with the whole point of meditation to begin with, which is to clear the mind of thought while becoming highly alert and aware.
Most of the other meditation techniques are simply devices used to help one get to the point of pure meditation.
Embracing this stillness and clearing the mind of all thought will help develop a calm, relaxed presence that will benefit you in all aspects of your life.
This mindfulness is the power to be intensely present at whatever it is you are doing or whatever situation may arise. Eventually the goal is to remain in this heightened mind state as you go throughout your day. Many times I will meditate after a good workout, the sweat pouring out of my body as I sit in silent meditation, resting in the moment and triggering the healing process to begin. Meditation is the first technique to harnessing the power of your subconscious mind and priming it for the other techniques to follow.  Put it into practice immediately and you will find that the transformation has begun. Next I will cover six characteristics of the subconscious mind that will allow us to communicate successfully with our subconscious and impress our desires, goals, and intentions upon it more effectively. Knowing the ways in which the subconscious operates will improve the efficacy of the programming methods I will reveal in the final part of this series. Through Hypnosis - Sleep Better & Sleep Well with Deeper Sleep - Self Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Subconscious Mind iPad application make track of your healthier life. If you having trouble of wake up for several times in the midnight, then start making use of Hypnosis - Sleep Better & Sleep Well with Deeper Sleep - Self Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Subconscious Mind iPad application. The operating system of the brain consists of two parts, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, sometimes known as the unconscious mind.
The other 90% of your brainpower is derived from the subconscious mind, the part of your brain you are not conscious of. In essence, the subconscious mind is the storage room of everything that is currently not in your conscious mind. The subconscious is also home to your belief system, personal skills you have acquired and all the habits you have developed. The subconscious mind is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions you suddenly experience upon facing a new situation.

Subliminal messaging is also a great tool for rewiring your subconscious mind without effort. Because the conscious mind cannot judge them because it cannot hear them, they slip through to your subconscious mind and are acted upon INSTANTLY. Not only does meditation help you access your subconscious mind consciously so you can alter it, it has a variety of other physical, mental and spiritual benefits as well. All of these articles deal with how meditation can benefit your life in a variety of different ways. In order to survive and excel all these big changes you must be able to be in control of your mind, in control of your life! The experiences that have been impressed upon your subconscious mind have shaped your life, beliefs, behavior, and your personality… these experiences have made you who you are. You can use meditation to take back control of your mind, to clear the mind of uncontrollable thoughts and still the water, so to speak. Meditation is also being included to prime our subconscious mind for the use and application of our other subconscious reprogramming techniques. It also helps to put you in the proper brain wave frequency (alpha state) that is most conducive to these subconscious programming methods. Whenever I have practiced the martial arts, meditation was always a part of the training and definitely helps you to get in the zone. The subconscious mind regulates all your bodily functions and houses the memories and experiences of every event in your life, whether you can consciously remember them or not. You have to make the conscious effort to change, but 90% of your brain is going to resist the change from the subconscious because it has been deeply programmed to function a certain way. Everything your conscious mind can’t perceive, your subconscious is still perceiving. When the subconscious is clear then your intuition is very effective and it creates a feeling of order and calm in the conscious mind.
These are all feelings housed in your subconscious and have the ability to be altered and removed. Just because you don’t think you can hear these audio tracks, your subconscious can still pick up on the messages and use these positive affirmations to rewire new positive habits into your life. And equally important, we have to clear our subconscious programming so it does not sabotage our conscious intent.

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