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Andy Puddicombe, a Headspace co-founder and the one who leads Headspace’s guided meditations, spent about 10 years as a monk practicing meditation and mindfulness. Headspace is an award-winning digital health platform, providing guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. After his last startup, “Year of Motivation,” King recently launched “Daily Meditation” for those interested in making mindfulness a part of their daily routine. Inspired by a February 2014 Time Magazine article, “The Mindful Revolution,” King researched online meditation outlets. According to the Daily Meditation website, binaural beats help meditators experience a deeper sense of relaxation in a shorter amount of time than usual.
King said that during this type of meditation, each ear receives a different sound frequency. Marc Meyer, a professor of entrepreneurship at Northeastern who is a subscriber to Daily Meditation, believes that there are several benefits of Internet-based businesses including low entry costs and rapid expansion. Through his own trial and error from his last startup, King decided to upgrade his website, enhance his business model and increase his prices. I find that one of the keys to mental health and wellbeing is a daily practice of meditation. You don’t have to spend hours and hours in lotus position to achieve this, but consider making a little time in your daily routine for some form of meditation.
When you’re in a startup, boundaries, priorities and relationships get haphazardly thrown into a melting pot of chaos.

Last week we experienced the power and importance of meditation with our friends over at Lift. Experience: “I was thinking about it on the way up to today’s meditation, and thought ‘well, I don’t really practice meditation, but I AM into prayer,’ so I used that to frame my mindset going into the meditation session. Experience: I asked the question about how I have gotten to the point where I feel like I fall asleep during my meditation, but apparently that is a good thing according to the teacher. The hardest thing about meditation: Feeling like I was falling asleep, and then jolting awake, and feeling bad about it.
Where are you in your practice: Exploring the realm of meditation since April 2009 when I had a huge existential freak-out, which I still can vividly remember. How many prior: No clue, rather inconsistent as of late, but I started taking time everyday since June 2010. The hardest thing about meditation: Someone came up in my mind that I feel I need to reach out to, who I don’t think likes me very much. But anyone can try out the service for free through Headspace’s “Take 10” program, which offers ten, ten-minute guided meditation sessions. Another popular meditation app is Calm, which has raised a little over $1 million, but I’m personally a fan of Headspace. With hundreds of hours of content, it is acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive secular programmes for meditation and mindfulness. The videos include guided meditation, music-based meditation and meditation with binaural beats, a favorite of third year graphic design and interactive media major Tatiana Fontalvo.

One of the ways I get to meditative state is to take ten minutes and just sit silently every morning and think about what I want to achieve that day.
And if you’re in the Bay Area and would like to join the meditation, join this group for updates! And now modern science is backing them up, producing evidence of the positive effects of meditation for stress relief, health, creativity, brain function, mental focus, and more.4 A recent study by Northeastern University and Harvard University also demonstrated that meditation can improve compassionate behavior—which, as we discussed earlier, leads to greater happiness. And they live their values through providing guided meditation once a month for their Power Lifter community.
Not only is this a beneficial practice for startup teams, but also for anyone who has multiple competing priorities (i.e.
I’ve had the app on my phone for at least eight months now and have done a few guided meditations.
We were led through a 30 minute meditation by the ever-knowledgeable Amelia, ending with a deep reflection on our individual experiences.

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