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Science of Mind courses are provide the parishioner with a wonderful way to expand consciousness.
Individuals are invited to explore the power of conscious living, positive thinking, powerful techniques and spiritual practices through the principles and practices of the Science of Mind. This 10-week class assists the student in developing lifetime habits of meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. This 10-week class provides the student with background and the historical roots of Ernest Holmes’ philosophy "the Science of Mind and Spirit". This two-year course prepares the student for a career as a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science within the Centers for Spiritual Living.
Science of Mind courses provide the participant with a wonderful way to expand consciousness.
Our Classes are accredited by World Religious Science and there is the possibility of additional accreditation depending on your instructors participation in the Universal New Thought program. Meditation is generally an internal, personal practice and done without any external involvement, except perhaps prayer beads to count prayers, though many practitioners of meditation may rely on external objects such as candle flames as points on which to focus their attention as an aid to the process.

Brainwave technology gives you deep, effortless, enjoyable meditation in minutes: Binaural beats are used to promote brainwave states equivalent to those observed for deep meditation, relaxation, super-learning and deep sleep, as well as other more exotic states of consciousness such as lucid dreaming and OOBE.
You can release DMT (Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance that is produced by our bodies in our sleep; it is the substance that creates our dreams) and achieve Astral Projection through I-Dosing meditation. But with advancement of cognitive science right now, it is possible to create binaural beats that actually do much more – namely simulate the effects of variety of known drugs or even create new ones. Christina Sarich – Monsanto has “an entire department” dedicated to debunking science which disagrees with that of the company. Anna Hunt – A regular meditation practice brings with it many benefits, physical, energetic, mental and emotional, improving your overall health and quality of life. Explore the principles and power of conscious living and positive thinking, through an understanding of Science of Mind principles and the application of powerful spiritual techniques and practices.
Students learn the church philosophy and how the Science of Mind practices include meditation, affirmation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. The student is encouraged to release the past, while learning the “art” of living the Science of Mind.

Meditation often involves invoking or cultivating a feeling or internal state, such as compassion, or attending to a specific focal point. The experiential portion of the class incorporates tools to deepen our awareness of the Universal Presence in application of, embracing and utilizing Science of Mind Principles in your daily life. Aligning with your current brainwaves, help you enjoy an instantly immerse and resistance-free meditation session.
Meditation has been practiced since antiquity as a component of numerous religious traditions, especially, in Western countries, in monastic settings. In the Eastern spiritual traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, meditation is more commonly a practice engaged in by many if not most believers.

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