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This year, amazing yogis and master meditation teachers from New York and across the country are using the holiday to help spiritual seekers reflect on the past year, set intentions for 2013, and make resolutions stick.
You'll seriously unplug at this rustic, secluded retreat in the Costa Rican rainforest where, instead of Times Square crowds and blaring car horns, the sounds of crashing waves and bird calls will bookend your New Year's Eve revelry. Yoga meditations Photos, Yoga meditations Reviews, Yoga meditations For You, Yoga meditations Photo, Yoga meditations Pics. The answer lies in our ability to tap into an inner silence – a silence that can be experienced through the processes of Yoga and Meditation. During the Retreat, we will follow the principles of Yoga as our formal training and will also learn from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – the codified philosophy that is a must for all who are interested in or are practicing yoga.
This sprawling Buddhist retreat in the Catskills hosts an annual New Year's retreat to jump-start inner life resolutions.

The retreat includes two daily vinyasa classes led by both smart-and-tough Kula instructors Nikki Vilella and Oceana Baity, and lots of lounging barefoot in bathing suits. This affordable, two-night retreat with psychotherapist, yogi, and educator Dean Hudson is a solid introduction to developing a daily meditation practice, and to all of the amazing things it can do for your life. The stress of urban living leaves its imprint on each of us, the chaotic noise makes it difficult for us to hear our inner voice; at Shreyas, a spiritual retreat, we give you an oasis of calm making it easier to relax and connect with your true self. You can book your Spiritual retreat aka Silent retreat through email or by giving us a direct call on below given numbers. Experience the stay at Shreyas Yoga Retreat, awarded as one of finest Yoga retreat in around the world. This year, master meditation teachers Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman will co-teach and explore how mindfulness helps us to understand where happiness actually comes from.

Meals: Gourmet vegetarian meals, with flavours from India, Southern Europe and the Orient, are carefully planned to complement the lifestyle you will be experiencing at the retreat. Drinking Water: The water in the retreat has been purified by passing it though a softening plant, ozone system, ultra violet and reverse-osmosis process. Yoga et meditation Photos, Yoga et meditation Reviews, Yoga et meditation For You, Yoga et meditation Photo, Yoga et meditation Pics.

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