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The American River Archive tells the story of a single flow of water in present-day California from origin to end-use.
In November 2014, we came to California with the expectation of documenting drought conditions as part of our ongoing A History of the Future project. However, a number of factors led us to the creation of a more involved, stand-alone project called the American River Archive.
To address these complex themes and to move the project outside of an exclusive focus on climate change, we decided to explore a single flow of water in California. We chose the American River as a starting point over rivers such as the Merced (which would incorporate the iconic Yosemite Valley) the Sacramento (which begins in the supremely picturesque Mt. In short, we find our project, which began in a documentary mode, turning into a sort of economic materialist history based in image constellations that reflect on the present moment of ecological crisis and the apparent end of extractive ideologies.
Below is a slide show in the voice of a historian 200 years from now speaking about the American River and this archive of images as her own society begins to colonize Mars.
My current work uses this story, and various other historical techniques of attempts to produce rain, as a starting point for exploring the current discussions, policies and practices of water use in the Southwest.
Repetition makes it difficult to pick out a defining feature or landmark from the larger landscape. A presence and an absence, a void within the void, the exframe fluctuates between figure and field, space and matter. When an environment has the aesthetic qualities described herein, it risks becoming a backdrop to production; a receiver rather than a collaborator. The work presented here was completed during our shared residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover, Utah in June 2015. Observing, reflecting on, and responding to my surroundings, I am fascinated with the ways in which we study the environment.
Growing up at the foot of the arid Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and spending winters in the Sierra Nevadas after moving west to California, the allure of snow and its quiet all encompassing beauty has always captured my attention. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (a division of the USGS and the National Water and Climate Center) installs, operates, and maintains an extensive automated system in the Western US and Alaska. I interpret the complexity of natural systems by translating scientific data into forms that represent trends, patterns, processes, and relationships to reveal unseen changes that occur in the natural landscape over time. The result of this extensive design process is a sculpted plywood cabinet – three dimensional graph of the amount of water in the snowpack at any given time during the water year, showing specifically the first snowfall, peak amount of water content, and the final snowmelt (see fig.
As a visual artist, artistic license gives me the ability to appropriate the immense amount of information available as a conceptual and visual resource. The desert is a site of remote testing where paraconsistent logics are first considered feasible. While it is significant that we are able to achieve these feats, modern satellite imaging and a proposal to create a drawing on the Earth so large it that could be seen from the moon are similar in the fact that both actions require a wealth of engineering and a lack of humility. This project is rooted in deserts, where contradictions regarding the role of land proliferate; where divergent visions of sanctity and utility overlap and confound. In the 1970s, a drought in California prompted the draining of pools, which inspired vagabond skateboarders to trespass into backyards. We do not see the underground, empty, curved space of the pool as a symbolic womb, whether full of water or absent of it, whether wet or dry. The McClung family was self-sustaining within a year and has gone on to create an educational nonprofit called Garden Pool.
Their main structure consists of PVC tubing bent over a 2×4 wood structure to create a curved roof. It is as though we are descending down deep into the limestone caves in France and Spain with their Upper Paleolithic painted and engraved images. Similarly, we can also lie at the bottom of the pool on another platform, while the edges of the pool create a frame of the sky.
Scholars believe that yoga grew out of Stone Age Shamanism, because of the cultural similarities between Modern Hinduism and Mehrgarh, a neolithic settlement (in what is now Afghanistan). Until recently, many Western scholars thought that Yoga originated much later, maybe around 500 B.C which is the time of Gautama the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. You cannot apply for the personal bank loan either, because it means waiting for the week or more to get the money The Most Efficient Post Article Pointer You Will Find the sum that is certainly withdrawn should be in moderateness. What's up, alll the time i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the morning, because i enjoy to gain knowledge of more annd more.
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In spite in the weak spots, it does an admirable job as an inexpensive nighttime security alarm camera. All three, along with their relationship to security and to risk management, are depicted in Figure 1.
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I was just looking at your *** Welcome to Yoga Studio 9 *** site and see that your website has the potential to become very popular.
I was just looking at your *** Welcome to Yoga Studio 9 *** website and see that your website has the potential to become very popular. A History of the Future consists of landscape photographs in places impacted by or vulnerable to climate change that are then combined with archival images, video or installation elements to examine various aspects of the climate change crisis. As we dug into our research we discovered that climate change is only part of the complex water story in California. The idea was to follow the water from its origins in the mountains to its technological containment in dams, canals and pumping stations, and ultimately to its end use in agriculture, homes, businesses, etc.
Shasta region), or the Owens (which is the site of the quintessential California water story) for a variety of reasons.
First, considering historical inquiry as a contingent narrative, allows for the collapse of binding distinctions between fact and fiction. In this work, which is really a sketch, we begin to feel for what these core landscape photographs really do.
Of primary concern are contemporary efforts to develop ecological consciousness and the possibilities for art within a social activist practice.
This is not to argue that aesthetics explain the presence of all land-uses of the Great Basin. Our inability to grasp its magnitude is not unlike the cognitive barrier that prevents our comprehension of the infinitude of a hyper-object such as nuclear waste (a proposed import to this region) whose potency and longevity is heretofore unknown. Adrift in the constant pulse of the desert we are blind to subtle changes disguised by broader patterns in the land. The volume of material from two inches of alkaline mud unearthed in the formation of the exframe at site #3 fills twenty-five 4-gallon buckets, equaling one ton of earthen mass (Figures 6 and 7).
It is a peeling back of the crust to contemplate both landform processes and human signification. Today, the hazardous industry within the Great Salt Lake Desert perpetuates the association between its aesthetics and its ostensible value. Our field of inquiry, Terra Interregnum, examines landscapes that are interstitial in both time and space, from the bizarre topographies of bubble-economies to the ground beneath Arctic pipelines. Modern conventions emphasize the method of scientific analysis to explain our experience of nature, leading to a sense of personal alienation and loss of intimacy with our natural environment.

Snow is the perfect water storage system, a natural phenomenon in which a necessary life resource is saved in the winter and slowly released in the dry summer months, feeding streams and rivers as it heads towards the ocean. In 1935, they established the SNOTEL program, which stands for SNOw TELemetry, to conduct snow surveys and develop accurate and reliable water supply forecasts, which they make available to private industry, government entities, and private citizens through an extensive online searchable database.[1] Quantitative data such as air temperature, precipitation, snow depth, soil moisture, salinity, and snow water equivalent, are available on the website and are searchable by the specific station, frequency, units, layout, and time period. It can be thought of as the depth of water that would theoretically result if you melted the entire snowpack instantaneously.[2] The formula is a function of snow density and depth. 2), I begin to sketch lines and shapes that loosely explore how to transform the 2D information into an engaging 3D form that reveals long term trends and relationships from year to year as the plot lines are layered, stacked, spaced, and lofted into one another (see fig. By interpreting and translating data into physical forms, the pieces that I create are intended to engage both the body and the mind by articulating meaning through form and material. My work capitalizes on the potential that lies within scientific inquiry when strict standards for fact and method are interpreted from a creative perspective. Adrien has been an Artist in Residence at Facebook, the Bunnell Art Center in Homer, Alaska and at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco.
For such a feat, the stroke width of the line would need to be close to 60 miles wide in order for barely a hairline to be visible from that distance.
The ancient tree was well-known as a caravan-route marker and can be found as a single tree indicated on maps in the middle of the vast desert. Viewed in this light, the requirements for surrogate vision depend on how we define visible, and where we define space. The project was born in response to the construction of Rosemont Mine, an open-pit copper mine proposed by a Canadian mining company.
Our project considers the fragile environs of Southern Arizona, investigating visually and kinesthetically the plant and animal species that depend on particular habitats to survive and thrive. We do own a sunken backyard pool in Riverside, California, which skirts the Mojave Desert, but it is full of water still. But instead of a structure above ground, one that might ascend to a sun god, it is recessed in the earth. However, instead of the permaculture route, he refashioned it as a survivalist bunker for his family. Its makeshift appearance suggests a wooden mailbox or old shoeshine box gone awry, sitting atop a tripod made of 2x4s, and what could be an awkward weather vane at the apex, which is actually the gun made from metal piping. Dennis McClung came to this revelation in 2009 when he and his partner and their two young children bought a repossessed house in Mesa, Arizona, just outside Phoenix.
Benches usually line the perimeter of the walls where viewers can watch the slow, shifting colors of the sky. Although it is said to be as old as civilization, there is actually no physical evidence to support this .
The Indus and Sarasvati river valleys of Bharatvarsha (present India and Pakistan) were the home to the ancient civilization of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. This collection is in fact the fountainhead of Hinduism, which has around one billion adherents today. I was just looking at your *** Welcome to Yoga Studio 9 *** site and see that your website has the potential to get a lot of visitors.
If you are running a pc under Windows XP or Vista then the USB drivers on your Black - Berry should already be installed. As a whole, the project will consist of original photography, writing, historical images, analysis and images of speculative futures, audio and maps compiled into a book and exhibitions. That story includes a massive terraforming project that rivals the currently proposed colonization of Mars, the promotion of the West by railroads and other vested interests, the questionable labor and farming practices of large-scale industrial agriculture, blind faith in technology vs. After some deliberation we decided to start our story with the headwaters of the South Fork of the American River near Echo Summit. The American offers a relatively compact run through a great diversity of landscapes, including urban.
It is not so much that the past is interpreted in light of the present as the past is remade in a dialectic conversation with the present with a view towards transformative futures. In 2006 they co-founded The Canary Project – a collaborative that produces visual media and artworks that deepen public understanding of the Anthropocene. A cataclysmic breach into the plains of Idaho some fifteen thousand years ago that remade lakebeds into playas remains visible in Red Rock Pass. This ideological impression of emptiness is compounded by a visual one: the field-like regularity of vast areas within the Great Basin that dulls our innate perceptive abilities.
These two inches of material conceal an estimated 9,000 feet of sediment collected at the bottom of the Great Basin.
The exframe alters the visual field to shift our way of seeing, and relating to, this land. Starting with scientific data as a conceptual basis, my artwork seeks to reconcile scientific conventions of reason and fact with an intuitive sensory experience in the form of sculpture.
Looking through the list of sites, I recognized Ebbetts Pass as a place I had once visited.
Using the same website to source data for the average annual precipitation, another variable is embedded in the sculpture which determines the height of each drawer. The tangible expression of ideas makes the information accessible in an unexpected communicative format.
Conversely, allowing viewers to investigate the embedded information from their own perspective can evoke feelings of wonder and curiosity, while giving space for the emotional response that results from understanding the implications of the science beyond the analytic.
She is the 2015 Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor at California College of the Arts, where she received a BFA in Furniture Design.
Oddly, this lone and ancient tree, which shirked the reality of the desert, met with its end after a truck driver ran into it in 1973.
Embellished with blankness, desert devils swirl their columns 70 miles into the sky while the disorganized, vulnerable, convenient desert is perceived from far away. Artworks from this project were first exhibited by the Leonardo Electronic Almanac to inaugurate their online exhibition platform. If built, the mine would impact over 4,000 acres of land in Southern Arizona, including critical habitat for nearly a dozen species federally recognized as threatened or endangered as well as precious riparian areas and groundwater resources. This speculative article is one in an ongoing series that looks at the present as if it were the past viewed from a future Aridtopia. On average, a person in California uses from 98 gallons per day in San Francisco to 736 gallons per person per day in Palm Springs, or 35,770 to 268,640 per capita annually. They were like asteroids or moons circling a planet, using centrifugal force to create orbits instead of falling like spent satellites. The raised-garden contains varieties of kales and lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, onions, strawberries, blueberries and various herbs. Survival will be tenuous beyond Earth as the rest of the solar system is an extreme environment not meant for humans.
In addition to water conservation and waste-water recycling, poultry farming is interwoven in the Garden Pool. It, too, is a machine with no moving parts except for clouds and the rotation of the Earth. Down here in our own repurposed pool, it is simple, giving the feeling that we could create our world anew.
The earliest reference to Yoga was found when archeological excavations where made in the Indus valley – the most powerful and influential civilization in the early antique period.
You could say that the Rig-Veda is to Hinduism what the Book of Genesis is to Christianity. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is great blog.
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Absent the basest elements of our visual structure, foreground and background vibrate in overlapping planes.
Its straight lines cut through the grain of the earth and its surficial distribution of rock, salt, and sage. We are recent winners in the San Francisco I-280 Freeway Competition, and we presented our research on the extraordinary coupling of mega-infrastructure and shifting terrain in the Arctic at the American Society of Landscape Architects national convention in November 2014. Although my background is in furniture design, making functional pieces is not my focus – rather I use form, structure, and material as the visual language through which I communicate ideas.
The historic data available from this station dates back to 1980, a total of 31 years through 2010 (see fig. Removing all labels, numbers, and qualitative markers, my design method is an exploration into ways to articulate the information purely through form and material. Years with less precipitation result in very shallow drawers while the shorter snow seasons yield narrow drawers – thus the size of each drawer directly correlates to the annual water patterns.
The artifacts we make have the potential to raise awareness, bring about dialogue, change perceptions, and tell a story about the time and place we live – they can become vessels from which knowledge can be derived. It is difficult to resolve an image of the Great Wall even from the International Space Station with the naked eye (which orbits about 250 miles above the Earth), let alone from outer space or nearby celestial bodies.
We wanted to create a quiet reflection of this dilemma by bringing attention to the plant and animal species of the region and to use the human body as a way to tease out those questions.
My partner and I stand at the edge of the shallow end, looking down into the 12-foot depth of the far end.
There they set up their own version of Biosphere 2, which is located not too far from their town.
To achieve that kind of underground weather, the cave has to be sealed off from the surface for the most part and not too near a molten mass. The basis of the device is framing the sky, which decontextualizes it from its surroundings, thus making it strange to us again. It is this cleansing that my partner and I take with us as we ascend back up to the edge of the swimming pool and step back into view of our orange trees, aloe plants and San Pedro cacti. The Indus Valley in the Indian sub-continent is where early man settled down and progress to-lead a highly civilized life.
Fort Wayne IN 46819INFO:National Memory Screening Day is an annual initiative of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA).
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From there the water is extracted by the Tracy Pumping Plant and siphoned into the Delta Mendota Canal from whence it makes its way to the San Luis Reservoir.
However, the most significant factor in choosing the American is the fact that gold was discovered on it, which led to the hysterical stampede to mine this fetishized metal, to real estate speculation, to the initial wave of mass human migration to California and to the formation of a bubble economy, which we have seen many times since.
Subsequently, a wall of water pummeled the lower lands, destroying dams, bridges farms and settlements. His work investigates how perceptions of ecological systems relate to the policies and practices that inform collective conceptions of nature. Snow Water Equivalent Cabinet is a data sculpture – a physical representation of annual snowpack measurements recorded at Ebbetts Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California (see fig.
In turn, this directly affects the implied functionality of the cabinet as a device for storage. I will additionally be presenting this work at the 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art to be held in Dubai in November 2014, and I will be continuing development on the project during my Spring 2015 sabbatical. The result is Rosemont Ours: A Field Guide, which aims to venerate some of the species in residence here as well as to invite consideration of our very human relationships to those species, the land and its resources. We feel as though we are exploring gravity, as if the curvature of the pool is a depression caused by a heavy invisible object. The exhibition in the gallery contained constructions that he called both sculptures and survivalist projects, such as the Automated Sentry Defense System.
The family of four eats the tilapia, a resulted sustenance in this practice of aquaculture. For the pool, airflow brings down aboveground temperatures, which are then mitigated by the underground temperature, balancing out at between 50 and 60 degrees.
But the framing also limits our viewpoints on purpose in order to make the vast sky and cosmos a more intimate experience.
The Indus Valley in the Indian sub-continent was one of the early centres where man settled down and progressed to lead a highly civilized life. Auburn, IN (Just south of Rieke Park) SANTA will be there for a photo Opp, bring your camera, take all the pictures you need and make your Christmas Cards perfect, coloring table for kids to color pages for the Keller's, Party lite candles, Premier Designs, a Certified Massage Therapist (for on the spot massage), home made Jams, bake sale, 31, Vault Denim, home made blankets, scarves and purses and many more things! Visiting Angels is proud to be a partner in this important first step in finding out if someone has a memroy problem, and in helping patients and families become aware of the resources and assistance that is available.While a memroy screening is not a substitute for a consultation with a physician, it can help to determine whether additional testing is warranted.
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In important ways, the nascent economic structures erected to capitalize on gold evolved to capitalize on land suitable for agriculture. This makes it difficult, then, to picture what has been lost, or ruined, by the advent of hazardous waste processing facilities, such as those in Aragonite, UT, west of the Cedar Mountain Range. Commonly used in hydrology, a water year begins October 1st and ends September 30th the following year, and is used to compare precipitation totals. I will assume, then, the same figure due to the size of the county and because so many new houses were built in the 1990s included backyard pools. It is the opposite of what is visible in the universe: we can see the planets, but not the curvature of space produced by their mass. Through hydroponic gardening, fruits, veggies and herbs are grown without soil (using expanding clay balls instead), irrigated with water pumped from the tilapia fishpond via solar energy.
Plotting time (x) to SWE (Y), the plot line gradually rises, peaks somewhere in the middle of the water year, and swiftly declines back to zero as the snowpack melts off and finally flat lines in the summer (see fig. Our orange trees, aloe plants and San Pedro cacti disappear as we submerge ourselves into the swimming pool. Nonetheless, the pool has been drained and has become a machine for spiritual replenishment that connects the underground, the surface and the sky together.
Here is a sample of images showing that transition, see below at the end of this article for a fuller slide show with a voiceover. The deepest and widest drawer near the bottom of the cabinet has a sculpted plywood front that protrudes farther than all the others. But sometimes the original intention is reimagined based on changing circumstances, as with this swimming pool.
It is an axis mundi, but with the aim of sustaining Earth rather than enhancing relationships to gods.
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