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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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Whatever meditation you choose to do, to get the maximum benefit, fully commit to doing it for a certain amount and length of time. Yogic science says that there are specific lengths of time needed for certain desired effects in meditation.
Committing to a personal practice makes the meditation process of transformation and self-discovery your own. The keys to success in Dhammakaya Meditation Technique are being relaxed, placing your mind at the center of the body, and meditating continuously.
This organization established to disseminate inner peace through meditation and to create world peace through inner peace.

These guidelines are not compiled and explained for the benefit of the teachers or the staffs, nor are they negative expression of tradition or blind faith in any organized religion Rather, they are based on the practical experience of thousands of meditators in Dhammakaya Meditation technique from around the world. Therefore, the guidelines can be considered as one of the key foundations for your success in Dhammakaya Meditation Technique.
The fund we get from the participant for the program is just enough to cover the cost for basic facilities to arrange the meditation retreat. Only those who feel that they can honestly and scrupulously follow the guideline should apply for admission. It would be most unfortunate if, inspite of repeated reminder, a participant does not follow the guideline and has to be asked to leave before the end of the program!!!

Thus, the spread of Dhammakaya Meditation is carried out with purity of purpose and free from any commercialism. Even though meditation is good for everyone, it is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatments.

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