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Guided Meditation for Sleep includes a full color guide to improve your sleep, and the guided meditation CD spoken by psychologist Simonette Vaja with specifically selected music by composer Ian Cameron Smith. You can use meditation techniques such as air breath to calm body and mind at bedtime and induce deep, restful sleep. Music for Deep SleepInner Splendor Media is proud to present Music for Deep Sleep the perfect sleep music.You can use guided meditation, breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation and progressive muscle relaxation. Madonna Gauding, author of  The Meditation Bible, gives you a beginner’s guide to serenity.

Simonette’s entrancing voice and the gentle music combine to lull you into a beautiful and tranquil sleep.
This free music is similar a easy massage for your mind, wash away every terminal drop of randomness and tension until you sump into a state of blissful sleep.
This week, a meditation to relax you  before bedtime…BENEFITS: Sleep deprivation is a serious health problem in our overly busy, stress-filled world. Realistically, though, we tend to get more like seven hours sleep a night.This meditation will help clear your head and induce relaxation and sleep, thereby strengthening your immune system.

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