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I have such a busy and active mind, to a point where unless I have my to-do list, shopping list and random other lists it doesn’t get done. So when the idea of meditation came up I really loved the thought of this relaxing technique, but really didn’t think I could quieten my mind.
I first experienced meditation in a class environment, it was lovely and I felt so refreshed and renewed for days after. By focusing on your breathing, it’s amazing how even those with busy minds can actually distract away from the active overload of thinking about too much. Meditation is simple and transformative, yet it is one of the most misunderstood subjects of our time. Yet meditation really just means being totally present, totally aware with whatever is happening. Meditation is both an experience of oneness as well as the practice that enables us to be aware of this. But the world is like a magnet pulling us outward into all manner of distractions, so we often need help, methods or techniques, to remind us to just be still.

Be aware of each breath and silently count at the end of each out breath, up to five: Inhale, exhale, count one… inhale, exhale, count two… and so on for five breaths.
Ed & Deb Shapiro are hosts of Going Out Of Your Mind radio on Sundays at 8pm EST, starting Sept 13th on Continue with the meditation for 5 to 15 minutes and you’ll feel more calm, relaxed and less stressed. Use diaphragmatic breathing and become aware of the sensation and the sound of your breath. Just wanted to extend my honest appreciation for all your unselfish effort, you have really helped me and provided me with an opportunity where before there was none.
I have the opportunity to practice yoga, at the end of the session I use this type of breathing, it will definitely keep my mind focus!
It creates an inner spaciousness in which we can gently stop the endless ‘me-centered’ dramas, our mind that is like a drunken monkey leaping from one scenario to another.
Meditate for the sake of it without expectations, as it can cause stress and even a sense of failure if you look for results.

I am converting meditation into my habit and concentrating on the process of breathing keeps you alert. If the mind is thinking then we are aware of the thinking; if the body is moving then we are aware of the movement.
Meditation has an accumulative effect so by doing it for a few minutes every day is actually more helpful than an hour once a week. Focusing on the natural flow of your breathing will give your mind something to do and encourages your attention to go inward.
There is nothing more important than your peace, it is the core of your being, so make a commitment to being still and quiet regularly. Hence we have sitting meditation, sound meditation, walking meditation, even running meditation.

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