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Karen Kofman offers Meditation Coaching that helps you start living a more productive and peaceful life, she also offers Yin Yoga classes for all levels. Body scan CD is used as a tool for training the mind to be present in what is arising in this moment. Effectively and compassionately helping people regain a sense of focus and vitality through mindfulness practices and gentle yoga, we custom fit programs to suit your needs and teach at your location, as well as via video conference.
Karen Kofman speacializes in learning how to handle fear through meditation as well as learning how to let go of control. Teacher Description: This Sunday afternoon workshop is the perfect introduction to the practice of seated Zen Meditation and to exploring mindful living in all its many aspects (such as food, relationships, finances, health, stress and beyond).
I walked into your home, so anxious and one hour later even sooner I felt at peace.ANSI have taken classes in most forms of Yoga in my past.

If you have been interested in learning more about seated meditation and mindfulness in daily life this class is for you! My only hesitation would be that there might not be room for me!!SusanKaren's techniques have literally changed my life. After taking classes with Karen, I find that I do not want to do any other form of yoga.Karen is an amazing teacher with lots of knowledge and she tailors the asanas or poses to each individual.
I can't thank her enough for the journey and the privilege of being one of her students.KMI went to Karen’s Yin Yoga class because I had two surgeries just months before my first class.
Thank you.MGThe Introduction to Meditation course gave me fantastic tools that I can use on a daily basis.
This was my first exposure to meditation and Karen was so gentle in her approach yet very professional.AS Meditation HourKaren Kofman brings you Meditation Hour, an hour long opportunity using meditation to quiet the inner chatter of your mind.

During this meditation you will be emersed in spiritual quotes and music that help energize, calm and recharge your soul.Classes always fill up fast, Registration required Class MeditationExperience what authentic meditation is really like, and learn to be fully present in the moment rather than living in the past or worrying about the future.
This in turn creates flexibility and energy within the body.Karen Kofman guides her students through the class in a gentle and mindful manner.

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