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Reading meaningful and engaging books can really add to a child's experience of yoga and mindfulness. When selecting your book, try to imagine your kids and their age appropriate attention span.
Here are some suggestions for ways to integrate books into your youth yoga or mindfulness classes.
Beautifully descriptive prose and delightful illustrations cultivate a message of mindfulness and emotional awareness to help children fully experience the present moment.
Mayuri Gonzalez (E-RYT, RCYT)  has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years since her own childhood and specializes in bringing yoga and mindfulness to children.

The LFY blog is a space for the exploration of ideas relating to children's yoga, mindfulness and education. Rather than labeling or defining specific emotions and feelings, Visiting Feelings invites children to sense, explore, and befriend any feeling with acceptance and equanimity. She has taught for Little Flower Yoga since 2010 and is currently the Director of The School Yoga Project, a program of LFY offering direct service yoga and mindfulness classes for preschools and K-12 schools in the Greater New York Area, staff development workshops, staff yoga, and a national affiliate program. We share activities that you can do with your own child or your students, review books and other relevant resources, share information about research in the field, and discuss topics that impact teachers, parents and families. Tricia has been a yoga practicioner for over 20 years and is a mom and yoga instructor.

Empathy leads to the social skills and personal relationships which make our lives rich and beautiful, and it is something we can help our children learn.

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