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Children, especially younger ones, aren’t able to identify feelings of stress and anxiety as easily as adults. Guided imagery can be beneficial for a variety of issues and the process can be tailored to suit your child’s specific needs.
For more serious problems, guided imagery is recognized as a form of treatment for anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, and to help patients prepare for surgery and procedures. As you guide your child through this experience, it’s important to allow them to have their own inner experience so provide lots of encouragement and opportunities for processing and reflection. It is important for you to know that you can imagine your shell whenever you wish to make yucky thoughts and feelings disappear, whenever you wish to feel calm.
Check out another guided meditation script for children or this set of mindfulness meditation exercises for kids. Research has shown that 1 in 6 children may suffer from anxiety at some point in their life. They may not connect their stomach aches, headaches, restlessness or irritability as being symptoms of anxiety. Guided imagery is a meditative process that uses visualization and imagination to bring awareness to the mind-body connection. It can help reduce stress in all children, but it can also help with specific issues like sleep problems, test anxiety, back-to-school jitters or illness.

Considered an alternative therapy for years, guided imagery is now gaining widespread acceptance in the medical and scientific world. As they grow and face new challenges, guided imagery provides children with a lifelong tool that can help to build confidence, cope with stress and access inner wisdom. Children can easily access this healing process because they’re naturally imaginative. Psychology Today reported on a study in The Journal of Pediatrics, which found that guided imagery significantly reduces chronic stomach pain in children. There are a growing number of guided imagery resources (refer to our resource pages for suggestions). And using the same music each time can help create a sensory reminder for the body to relax. Family Holidays for Children with Learning Disabilities For most, family holidays are a chance to get away from routine and have fun, but children with learning disabilities can find the experience daunting.
By relaxing into a vivid story they gain tools to deal with stress, pain or difficult feelings. As you become more familiar with the process you may want to personalize your scripts or create your own based on your child’s interests. Your child will meet personal guides—who may appear as people, animals, or spiritual figures—who will put them in touch with their own wisdom and healing powers.

Only you and your shell!  As you say your words they go right into the middle of the shell so that it can take them away for you. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your child as they learn to listen to their inner wisdom and access their own power of healing.
An interesting side note to this study was the children’s complete compliance—everyone enjoyed listening to the guided imagery CDs so much that they all wanted to complete the study. Mindfulness techniques can be introduced to children at an early age, which will help them to develop self-awareness and mastery over their feelings. Children are exposed to live-coverage of natural disasters, wars and other negative media that may induce worry and stress in children.
You have been carrying them for a long time and you realize that this backpack is weighing you down. So it’s not surprising that anxiety-related disorders in children and teens are on the rise. This technique has been used for years by trainers and athletes to successfully build confidence and improve performance.

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