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Do not rush through thoughts, breaths, emotions, whatever arises focus your awareness and allow your awareness to expand within your current focal point. The reason meditation is so great in reducing stress, anxiety, and fear is because it brings about the realization that you are not a body or a mind, you are the conscious awareness beyond mind. There is no doubt that increased levels of focus and concentration can do wonders to our lives.
Hi Avani, I completely agree that if you practice focus during meditation every day, after awhile you’ll in effect have trained your mind to focus. Loving Kindness Meditation is an excellent meditation to practice to bring about inner feelings of joy, love, peace, contentment, and harmony. By opening up your mind to the possibilities of newer and higher concepts, even if not understood, meditation can produce an internal revelation in which those concepts become known intuitively, beyond intellect, thus expanding your consciousness.

Being able to focus on current task without distractions, without interrupting thoughts would make our productivity levels jump. This meditation will become progressively more effective as you evolve on your spiritual path. In today’s hectic and busy world it’s necessary to still the mind and reconnect to the pure conscious awareness that dwells within.Done properly, with the right focus, meditation can raise one’s level of consciousness and free the mind from the bonds of the material world.
With deep contemplation, introspection, surrender, and meditation, you will discover that nothing else compares to the pursuit of liberation, for this is the true pursuit of happiness, and the pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven. While removing external distractions and getting organized do help staying focussed and be more productive, they do not help in raising our focus levels. If you would like to see how much have you progressed, focus for same amount of time everyday.

It is very difficult to focus with help of other senses on scent of incense, touch of wind, music etc.
Thinking about how you lost focus or can’t focus is also not focussing and is getting distracted.
As you experiment with loving kindness meditation, expand your projection of love and send some towards people you may be indifferent to; acquaintances, or random people you see on the street.

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