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Employees suffering from stress are not as productive as they could be, nor are they as healthy.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: When the Memories Won’t Go Away - DVD - Free Video Preview Available Online!
The Sleep Famine: The Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Chronic Fatigue - DVD - Free Video Preview Available Online! True wellness involves not only physical health, but mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental well-being, too. This program introduces the basic concepts of health and wellness, emphasizing that well-being is a multidimensional concept that exerts an ongoing influence throughout one’s life. Ozone, groundwater contamination, and hazardous waste disposal are only three of the many ecological hurdles to be jumped in the race to save the Earth. This program from Business Essentials (BE) also comes with a complete 12 minute breathing exercise video program to help relieve stress and tension. This package includes the main program (29 minutes) and the exercise program (12 minutes), Facilitator's Guide, masters and Participant's Workbook (.pdf files). You may rent Getting a Handle on Stress - BE on DVD for $200.00 (Please, call with your training dates - 1-253-759-6639). Each year, tens of millions of Americans seek treatment for head pain, making headache one of the biggest public health problems facing the nation. This program shows panic attacks as a symptom of other stress-related conditions—specific phobias, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorders—and also as a separate condition. While controversy flares over whether this anxiety-related condition even exists, two men are certain of it based on their own experiences. After a traumatic shock, most people experience immediate symptoms of stress—and for some, the feelings do not fade away.
Poor stress management, stemming from factors such as impending deadlines, work overload, and procrastination, can lead directly to burnout, one of the top reasons for quitting a job. Pressure is all part of simply being alive, if there were no pressure we wouldn’t do anything, but excess pressure leads to Stress and that can be a very bad thing. This video is all about limiting the potential stressors at work that can lead to damaging stress.
The ultimate stress show shows how our own behaviour can be stressful to ourselves and others and how changes to that behaviour can lead to a more stress-free working environment. Sleep disorders are a national problem, affecting millions and resulting in untold accidents. Dealing with Workplace Anxiety and Stress and Fear Training DVDs Videos, stress DVDs, stress management DVDs, stress videos, anxiety DVDs, anxiety videos, fear, stress management DVDs videos, workplace stress anxiety fear DVDs video tapes, coping with fear DVDs, coping with stress DVDs, coping with anxiety DVDs. An engaging blend of interviews and on-screen text and graphics, this stimulating eight-part series puts it all together. By promoting an understanding of the factors that affect personal health and an awareness of what can and cannot be controlled, viewers are invited to take a proactive role in their personal health.

However, continually high levels of stress have been linked to all of the leading causes of death in America, including heart disease, cancer, and lung ailments.
This program offers insights and suggestions that can stop dangerous incidents before they start. This program investigates the major environmental problems facing the United States today and the possible health hazards associated with each. This program seeks to demystify the complexities of America’s healthcare system by offering indispensable information on healthcare organizations and practitioners, types of health insurance, common legal and ethical considerations, and individual rights as a health consumer.
A housewife and businessman tell how panic attacks placed limitations on their daily lives and how they finally sought help and relief. This program examines the disorder associated with anxiety symptoms experienced following the witnessing of a traumatic event. In this program, researchers from the circadian, neuroendocrine, and sleep disorders section of Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital as well as a broad cross-section of shift workers discuss sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue. This video identifies workplace stressors and offers guidelines for reducing their impact to a safe level.
Admitting to and dealing with stress isn’t a weakness it’s a positive action that can reap huge personal and organizational rewards.
The value of making smart decisions—so crucial for defending against negative peer pressure—is reinforced by the DECIDE model: Define, Explore, Consider, Identify, Decide, and Evaluate. This program explains the elements that compose psychosocial health, the internal and external factors that influence it, and methods to enhance it. This program analyzes the role of stress in day-to-day life and in overall physical and mental health. This program examines the aging process from beginning to end, defining age from the viewpoints of biology, psychology, society, functionality, and the law.
Among the topics explored are ways to avoid becoming a victim of campus crime, domestic abuse and the cycle of violence theory as defined by psychologist Lenore Walker, date rape and guidelines for preventing it, the triggers for bias crimes, the factors that influence youth to join gangs, and how to handle sexual harassment in the workplace or at school. Contributing factors such as rapid resource depletion and an ever-growing population are considered, as well as positive steps that can be taken by communities and individuals to help reduce the impact of these and other exacerbating factors.
The way a person views a situation is directly related to the degree of stress that he or she may feel.
This program pursues that possibility, examining the effects of meditation on the human mind, nervous system, and anatomy. A specialist in behavioral psychotherapy provides professional advice on how to identify panic attacks and what treatments are available.
One man, who witnessed the deaths of his two teenage daughters, and another man shot in an IRA ambush, give highly personal accounts of the behavioral changes experienced as a result of the traumas. The effects of adrenaline and cortisol on the body and the mechanics of narrative and emotional memory are also examined. Studies involving astronauts, truckers, and teenagers quantify the effects of light and dark on human physiology, long-term fatigue on life span, and tiredness on academic performance.

Proven principles of stress management, including proper nutrition, adequate rest, and non-work-related pastimes, are emphasized as keys to good health and better overall job performance. And we should strive to help those sufferers even if the stress and anxiety come from home. The importance of taking responsibility for one’s own psychosocial well-being through self-recognition of problems and identification of barriers to meaningful communication is stressed.
The impact of current behaviors and attitudes on one’s future self is also discussed, as well as dying—itself a part of life—and the stages of grieving. This video program helps students identify stressful circumstances and provides ways to manage the pressure that they create. An expert from a hospital traumatic stress unit tells why she supports the view that the condition does, indeed, exist. Stories of trauma caused by child abuse, spouse abuse, war atrocities, and terminal illness are related by patients recovering from PTSD. The impact of fatigue on decision-making and the societal implications of time-shifting the circadian clock are also considered. However when the amount of pressure we are experiencing rises above what we believe we can cope with it can easily turn to stress.
This program describes the basic components of physical fitness and the numerous health benefits that derive from regular physical activity while explaining why exercise is helpful in reducing overall health risks. In addition, the program addresses the health challenges faced by older Americans and indicates why some seniors cope better than others. It also explains that while high levels of stress can be harmful, by learning to handle tension by channeling energy to positive feelings, individuals accomplish goals rather then spend time worrying about failure. Kathy Sykes, viewers meet practitioners and medical researchers who have developed theories and insights into meditation-related phenomena.
By knowing how to put events in perspective, students possess a vital tool for managing stress today and tomorrow. Cardiologists and palliative caregivers who use meditation to treat angina, multiple sclerosis, and insomnia explain their findings. It represents a very large financial cost to organisations and an equally large personal cost to individuals in the form of physical and behavioural symptoms.
Renowned psychologist Paul Ekman provides commentary, while patients who use meditation to relieve clinical conditions recount their experiences.

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