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You have to do the same thing with complex athletic tasks: hitting a tennis ball, swinging a golf club, and doing a snatch. I'm going to give you the same plan I was taught when I first started meditating over 12 years ago. You can get more complex later, but if you can't do this, any advanced forms of meditation are totally worthless. Doing, I explained there is a world of difference between knowing WHAT you are supposed to do and actually being able to DO it.

Given that you are using meditation in service of your strength and athletic goals, what we have here is MORE than enough.
The goal is to get better about recognizing when your mind wanders, stopping it, returning to the task at hand, and doing all of that without ANY emotional reaction what-so-ever.
That said, there is also no way you can simply tell yourself to stop thinking and have that magically happen.
You don't need to have a special meditation pillow, or incense, or other froo-froo accoutrements.

Eventually those skills become more ingrained and you can do them without thinking so much.
Imagine how slow a typist you'd be if you had to stare at your fingers the whole time and focus intently on every keystroke!

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