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The Aryeh Kaplan Reader is a collection of his essays reflecting the broad range of his interest and genius. By the time the chanting had come to a gradual end, about 25 people had gathered in the small storefront of YogaDeshi in Watchung Plaza on a Shabbat afternoon in mid-April for the inaugural session of the Jewish Meditation Center of Montclair.
The Jewish Meditation Center of Montclair joins a growing group of Jewish meditation centers nationwide, including Chochmat haLev in Berkeley, Calif., Makor Or Jewish Meditation Center in San Francisco, the Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn, and the Nishmat Hayyim Jewish Meditation Collaborative of New England. Beyond the few independent centers for Jewish meditation are many more options for meditation within traditional Jewish frameworks, such as those offered by synagogues and JCCs. While the founders of JMCM did consider offering meditation at one of their synagogues, they decided to use a neutral space in order to attract both affiliated and unaffiliated Jews in the area.
There are forms of Jewish meditation with roots in the Kabala; like traditional Buddhist meditation, they were practiced by mystical elites, and not available to the masses. Despite its origin in Buddhism, Cowan believes mindfulness meditation can be authentically Jewish.
Schwartz began the first meditation at the center with a kabalistic teaching about the omer, the ritual counting of the days between Passover and Shavuot, which imbues each of the seven weeks between the festivals with a different attribute. An informal survey of attendees at the first two sessions suggested that many had previous experience with meditation, especially transcendental meditation, but few had a current regular practice.
The sessions offered at the center are held only on Shabbat afternoon and are open to people at all levels. I look forward to experiencing the collective gifts of Larry Yermack, Larry Schwartz and Beth Sandweiss. Thank you so much for your vision, time and efforts extended in order to offer our community such an experience and practice. In spite of TV and the internet, good ol’ fashioned books are still relevant to inspiration and wisdom.
The Art of Kavana The foundation of pleasure and the basis of Jewish spirituality is the discipline of mental control, of focusing the mind at will. The Committed Life This modern classic by Holocaust survivor Esther Jungreis weaves together true anecdotes to inspire readers toward increased commitment, responsibility, charity, peace, prayer, forgiveness, banishing fear, compassion, faith, hope, and gratitude. Gossip: Ten Pathways to Eliminate It from Your Life and Transform Your Soul by Lori Palatnik and Bob Burg. Knee Deep in the Funk: Understanding the Connection Between Spirituality and Music by Tzvi Gluckin. Spice and Spirit: The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook This cookbook is a staple in many Jewish homes, with practical guidelines interwoven with spiritual insights into many aspects of Jewish life and observance.

The Secrets of the Stars: The Significance of the Night Sky For many of us, whose knowledge of the heavenly spheres is limited to planetarium visits and school projects, the night sky represents a vague, unexplored territory of secular terms and explanations. Larry Yermack and Larry Schwartz, both members of the Conservative Congregation Shomrei Emunah, have been meditating for a decade or more. Ground zero for the movement may be the Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center ( in upstate New York, which offers meditation retreats. According to Rabbi Alan Brill of Seton Hall University, who has led classes on kabalistic meditation, Buddhist meditation was popularized in the 1960s by Thich Naht Hanh, an expatriate Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk.
Any given passage in the prayerbook often includes so many words, she said, it’s hard to do more than just read through.
Beth Sandweiss, a dear friend and a most spiritual woman and healer, has the ability to offer one much comfort and tranquility, while discovering a deeper understanding of self through chanting and meditation.
In this lightweight, pocketsize book, twenty-three Jewish leaders, thinkers, and educators offer their insights and knowledge on topics as varied as relationships, prayer, mysticism and happiness. The purpose of this book is to extinguish the fire of evil speech and help us live in a gossip-free environment. Recipes range from traditional favorites such as blintzes and chicken soup to Szechuan chicken, aduki-squash soup and many other international and gourmet specialties.
Yet there is an entire cosmos concealed above ours encompassing our past, present and future. Sandweiss, of Bnai Keshet, the Reconstructionist synagogue, has been meditating regularly for 20 years; she has studied chanting with Rabbi Shefa Gold, a central figure in the Jewish Renewal movement.
The insight meditation commonly practiced today was created in the 1950s and ’60s by Ajahn Chah, founder of two major monasteries in Thailand with hundreds of worldwide branches.
For readers who have mastered The Art of Amazement, Rabbi Kaplan’s Jewish Meditation is a natural follow-up. This is what they should have taught us in Sunday School – that meditation is central to Judaism.
Rabbi Akiva Tatz shows how an understanding of some of the deeper ideas and patterns of Torah thought can illuminate our everyday experiences. The secret to a successful marriage is contained in Genesis 2:24, and those who know the secret can improve their relationship with their spouse immediately. Soveya is a non-profit organization educating and coaching adults, children, communities and schools about nutrition, wellness and obesity-prevention. Kitchen is one of the few archaeologists who has world-class credentials in BOTH Egyptology and Biblical Studies.

Along the way, he finds possible historical matches for biblical characters such as Joseph and Moses. Learn about the power of the intuitive experience in music; the links between music, intimacy, spirituality, meditation, prayer, human communication and so much more. After reading this book, you will see Judaism as a masterful ancient spiritual system for unleashing the power of amazement.
He brings into focus life in general and its ordeals in particular in the areas of relationships and unexpected events.
One of the most renowned author and lecturers from Jerusalem examines some of the most controversial topics in Jewish thought and law. A profound Jewish approach to existentialism, built on the story of the creation of Adam, who represents humanity and whose predicament represents the human condition.
No matter what your level of Jewish knowledge, you will find that this wellspring of information and stories will engage you year after year.
For over three decades, Rabbi Tauber has been counseling and helping couples, from newlyweds to those married for many years. This fascinating best-seller weaves these golden threads into a glorious tapestry, presenting hundreds of ideas and comments on the Aleph-Bet. In this fascinating book, he takes Biblical revisionists to task and offers a firm foundation for the historicity of biblical texts. Positive interactions with the people around us, the healing of relationships and a more complete self. Every appetite for Jewish themes will be whetted and satisfied by this book. True, to read this collection is to feel a keen sense of loss at the premature passing of a bright star in the Jewish literary firmament. But it is an intensely satisfying experience as well, because this book is crammed with substance and enlightenment. He then shows how our life circumstances and various Jewish practices are custom-designed to teach us this wisdom.

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