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Where we boldly went out there and created amazing partnerships, had multi-6 figure events, are attracting the best clients in the world and can’t be more grateful for this MIRACLE of a business and life. With Divine Living Transformational Coaching, we facilitate a simple, yet powerful process that allows you to co-create with the forces of the Universe, transcending time and space…all while keeping your feet solidly planted on the ground.
Divine Living Transformational Coaching is about your personal evolution and growth, transforming you and the world around you through our proprietary process.
Through our unique process, you illuminate yourself in each moment and shine your light on the next steps that appear before you.
Whatever uncomfortable circumstance that is showing up in your life right now is simply presenting itself to be healed. This phone consultation will be to check your progress, assist you with removing blocks, address your questions, and help to keep you on the optimal path.
And the Universe didn’t fail to show me that little miracles are waiting just around the corner, if I allow them to appear. Annmarie and Helen, you are shining your lights so brightly, offering this course with its depth, it’s fun and it’s magic, -I love you both! The path from the mundane to our Divine selves is non-linear, and allows us to live from those two places simultaneously, where miracles occur. Consequently, most people go through a lifetime, believing that they are at the mercy of fate or destiny. When you step on a spiritual path, through years of trial and error you begin to master your creative skills and hone your ability to craft your life as a masterpiece. My own discovery process of my power revealed 3 Secrets to Manifesting Miracles at Will, which I am excited to share with you. You cannot control forces of nature, behaviors of other people, economic and political situations in the world and so on… At the same time, you have a degree of control of the circumstances that become a part of your experience.
Attempting to control anything outside of yourself is futile and skews your focus away from your real power. So, the first secret to manifesting miracles at will is to withdraw your focus from an acquisition of an external object or status.
Measure your results by the level of bliss you allow yourself to experience every step of the way.

Your joy is in the discovery of your own power, in pushing through the limits, and in every breath of inspiration along the way. I invite you to relax into the process and fully indulge while moving through every inch of your path. The moment you release the demand for the final outcome and take delight in the life that happens NOW, miracles start occurring. The truth is every challenge is meant to be a defining point and a launching pad for your next destination.
Born with uncanny Intuitive talent, she helps you uncover and resolve hidden challenges that sabotage your relationships with women and dating, so that you can finally meet the woman you've always dreamed about.
Embracing your total Divine self, which encompasses your light and dark sides that make you whole, complete, and powerful. Indeed, your present reality is like looking in the rear-view mirror: It is very useful as a tool to see your past thoughts, reflected back to you by way of the results produced for you, yet if you look too long in the rearview mirror, you will likely not get to where you want to go. If you stare too long in the rearview mirror, you will likely experience more of your past, and you may even crash in the process.
And you have ABSOLUTE CONTROL of how you respond to every occurrence, which determines the quality of your life.
You anticipate that having money and time will allow you to enjoy life more: easily purchase what you want, travel, and do the things you like. If you were dreaming of romantic love, at the essence of your wish would be the yearning for connection and love. But when your desire is strong, and you’ve been longing for a long time, you want to skip the steps and get right to it.
Whether you want an ice cream or an island, a lover or an empire – everything shows up in your life.
At first, you have to BE, and then the materialized entourage that supports your state of being will come. Sky helps Single Men who are established in their careers, to attract the the love of their life.
I would have never put it that way,,, but now I’ll point my friends to this article because your reminders and the way you put things are AWESOME!

The Universe spontaneously produces results and connects you to the right people, objects, and events to create miracles.
Indeed, your present reality is like looking in the rear-view mirror: It is only as useful to see your past thoughts, and what results those thoughts have produced for you. This is understandable and logical, because the more you want something, the more you are aware of its absence in your life. These outer symbols are markers and clues to your belief systems, which are largely the driving forces behind how and what you manifest in your life.
Your thoughts are the rocket, and your desire is the fuel that propels you to reach the heavens. Through a spontaneous and co-creative process, we use the best technologies available that allow all of the answers for your healing and powerful evolution to come from you…because the best answers do indeed come from within you.
These next best steps present themselves in real-time, resulting in miracles and spontaneous synchronicities that unfold with ease. Your story is completely irrelevant, and the more you look at your past history, the more you will repeat it.
Each one of us has an amazing ocean of potential and only tap into a fraction of it – so lets get connected and start to feel the flow of life through our amazing bodies, hearts & soul! And the little miracle appeared soon: she had her car parked nearby and she offered me a ride as she was going in the same part of the town where I needed to go. This course is all about gaining momentum and support on the journey toward manifesting miracles in your life. Helen and Ann-Marie have co-created Vital Attraction which is the combination of Vital Danza, a movement based practise that allows you to truly connect to your ‘feeling body’ and emotions and The Law of Attraction – a vibrational ‘law’ of like attracts like.
Our methods will help you clear the obstacles from your life, bringing you the right tools to align yourself with your Divine energies and therefore allow you to co-create exactly what you desire.
To create from a place of miracles simply requires one thing: To remove the dimensionless obstacles in your life, align yourself with forces greater than what you may believe you are, and create from your soul energy and life force.

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