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If you have a disability, it is up to you to decide if an accommodation might be helpful to you while you pursue your college studies. The first step to requesting an accommodation is to make sure you have official documentation of your disability that establishes a substantial limitation in a major life activity. The final step is to make appointments with your professors to explain your disability and provide the letter of verification of accommodation. Communication skills are essential in the process of advocating for what you need and want in college and in life. Communication is not just about getting your point across to someone else, it is also about truly trying to understand where the other person in coming from. In difficult situations remember to avoid pointing your finger at someone and blaming them or calling them a name.
You are frustrated that a classmate (Person B) has frequently asked to copy your statistics homework. The better you are at effectively managing your time the more freedom you will have to participate in extracurricular activities and still attain your academic goals successfully!
Eliminating distractions and clutter in your study environment will contribute significantly to your ability to concentrate and retain information over time. Organize your schedule so that you are studying during times that accommodate your ability to stay focused. The way you set up your schedule each semester will impact your success semester to semester.
Use study strategies that fit your learning style – Form a study group to discuss material. If you can’t decide between two classes, here is an example of how the decision making steps may be helpful to you.
To be effective and successful in life, it is important to realize that we are all connected to other people.
As you grew up you probably had a support system in place that you may or may not have been aware in your daily life. Goal setting is one of the most powerful things you can do to impact the direction of your life. You will have a greater likelihood of success if you consider your interests, skills and the job opportunity in the job market now and in the future, because an ideal major lies at the intersection of interests, skills and job opportunity. During your college experience make sure you take time to network, gain relevant experience, update your resume and practice interviewing.
Many of the best career and life opportunities are never formally posted anywhere, but are discovered through networking. Make sure your resume reflects your strengths, is professional looking (no misspelled words) and makes the employer want to call you back.
As a self-advocate, you should have a good sense of your strengths and challenges and what you need and want.
If you believe you will need a workplace accommodation, it is up to you to talk to your employer.
Offers online services such as Perfect Interview, a virtual interview simulation to critique your interviewing skills, as well as resume templates.

A number of skills will help you address your needs and move toward making your hopes and dreams a reality.
Other activities such as sitting, standing, lifting, or reading are also major life activities.
Again, if possible, try to communicate with professors before classes start to give all parties involved in making the accommodation plenty of lead time. Before ordering texts for your class, check to see what books have digitized material Consider the fact that some students need time to get books in digital formats. You are really struggling in your statistics class and have been copying a classmate’s homework to try and get back on track. After meeting with the Disability Service Office, you will receive a letter stating your requested accommodation. It is easy to find yourself overwhelmed with all the class work, outside projects, extracurricular activities and social obligations.
If your schedule is too busy and too hectic it will be much more likely that you become disorganized and get stressed.
If you are constantly running late, try to build in a little slush time between activities and make yourself leave earlier than you are accustomed to leaving. Developing a consistent studying routine will help you stay organized, focused, and on target for reaching your goals. If because of your disability, you need more time than what is offered for a test, contact you Disability Service Office on how to request a testing accommodation. If you are only focused on one life area the other dimensions of your life may become problematic and cause stress. Making decisions in college can be overwhelming due to the quantity of choices and opportunities available to you.
Now that you have thought about where you are at this point in your life and where you want to be in the future, it is time to start making those dreams come true. College is an opportunity to get the education and training you need to make your career dreams come true. Use your knowledge of your strengths and challenges to choose a major that is a good match for you. Networking is an invaluable skill that will help you plan for your future and strengthen your ability to advocate for yourself.
If you are uncomfortable talking to your professors, the DSO can communicate with your professors for you about your need for accommodation. In the college environment, communication with a professor may be viewed differently depending upon your culture.
Take this letter to your professor and discuss your learning needs, learning style and learning strengths. If you want to make a favorable impression, pay attention to how you dress and your overall appearance. Organizing your time, classes, social engagements and environment in a logical and responsible manner will support your success in college. With patience and persistence you can experience greater success by improving your organizational skills.

Learning how to work through problems will help you move your life in a positive direction and help you get what you want and need.
If one plan doesn’t work try a new plan until you feel that you have solved your problem.
In college and throughout the rest of your life it will be helpful to have a support system in place.
If you have questions or need more information about majors, talk to your advisor, talk to other students about their majors, and visit the career services office on campus.
During your time in college, you have the unique opportunity to meet professors, administrators and employers who are leaders in their chosen fields. If your documentation is incomplete the DSO can help guide you on how to get the needed information. However, it will benefit you greatly to actually talk to your professors, develop rapport and open the lines of communication.
Therefore, as you work with your DSO make sure you share your insights so that the most effective accommodations can be made. It is a good idea to pay attention to grammar and spelling when emailing professors because your emails represent you as a person and a student. You may be perceived as lazy, sloppy, or as having an attitude problem if you are careless about your clothing and your personal hygiene. The key to developing good organizational skills is finding strategies and natural supports that work for you and your unique learning style. As a college student some of your original supports will probably remain, but also consider adding some college-related supports.
Change may not happen in one day, it may even take years, but if you take the right steps you will make positive changes in your life. Once you have a career direction, it is time to begin career preparation so that upon graduation, you can market yourself to potential employers. Remember to periodically check back with your professors to let them know how effective the accommodation has been.
If you do not have supportive people in your life, you will have to develop your own support system. Avoid generic cover letters because this approach will not make your application stand out or give the impression that you are truly interested in the job.
Networking is a lifelong skill that will help you develop support and discover new opportunities. In either scenario, if you can perform the essential functions of the job with a reasonable accommodation, your job should be protected by the ADA. If you are not attending college in your home community, find a nearby relative or friend of the family who you can call or visit when needed.

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