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The wild lucid dreaming technique involves keeping your mind awake while your body shuts down and goes to sleep. As the name suggests, the WILD lucid dreaming technique involves starting when you’re awake. This is the hour which you will use to get into a relaxed state, and to relax your mind before trying to sleep. Lay down in your bed, scratch any itches you have, make sure your muscles are stretched out, you have yawned, sorted your pillows out etc, anything you need to do in order to go to sleep, do this now. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends, and hopefully you’ve learned how to perform a wake induced lucid dream! Learn to lucid dream for free.Enter your email to get a series of lucid dreaming lessons and a 'lucid resource guide' PDF file sent to you. Share your story!If you have a lucid dreaming story you want to share on the website, click here to submit it!
Many readers have asked me about specific tactics for turning a sleep paralysis attack into a lucid dream. These techniques are what work for me, and are also based on what I’ve learned from lucid dream teachers, including Stephen LaBerge, Robert Waggoner and Lucy Gillis. For more about transforming sleep paralysis into lucid dreams and beyond, check out my Sleep Paralysis Kit here, a digital download that comes with a full length ebook, worksheets, and two exclusive podcasts.
I do this thing sometimes when I start dreaming and I’m able to control them without effort but sometimes after i find it hard to move like sleep paralysis. This is probably not related but then I remembered how i dreamt earlier (I didnt control this and this was before my controlled awesome monster dream) that I was in another era like old timey era w people who didnt look modern and shit.

Now, 9am my time, and 3am his time, he wakes up tells me he dreamt I was trying to be possessed… which is probably from saying I had a nightmare right before he had to go to bed, then I told him about my dream. I love lucid dreaming and I frequently have sleep paralysis, can’t wait to go from sleep paralysis to lucid dreaming. Hi Ryan I’ve experienced horrifying sleep paralysis and I can honestly say I would have to be insane to put myself through it again on purpose to lucid dream. I have been bedbound with M.E for 8 years and due to my illness I have a visual kaleidoscopic hallucination made of green, orange, dark red, purple colours, which move in a particuler pattern and is there every time I close my eyes. Listen, I am very fascinated with Lucid Dreams and still new, I never had the chance to experience a lucid dream.
You are essentially sleeping, but by remaining focused while you fall asleep, you are able to stay awake in the dream, thus creating and inducing a lucid dream.
Instead of using intentionality (or prospective memory, as Stephen LaBerge calls our remembered desires during lucid dreaming), just go where you are pushed. It’s similar to the lucid dreaming void encountered when going into mirrors or walls during lucid dreaming. I felt like I was being held down, I was hearing voices and then I started to see millions of lights shooting around before I was able to wake up from it.
I think I may have been dreaming during it cause I was able to see my room but my eyes were closed but no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t able to change the change that I was always laying in my bed. Read a few articles on Lucid Dreaming, maybe some Lucid Dream stories or dream journal entries. Enter your email and I'll give you a free Lucid Resource guide (PDF worth $14.99), a free lesson series and some little known dreaming 'hacks'.

As such, sleep paralysis is a reliable portal into lucid dreaming, as well as astral projection. SP is freaky by design, and I always have to work with my ego defenses before exploring further. Luckily for me it didnt go long for me because my mum came to check on me and it also stopped then, which I was very relieved for.
But the other night 3x I woke up not being able to move and was freaking the 3x was just 1 episode of the SP then I got in control and said whoever is doing this to me “Im going to catch you” so boom im running after a women with looooong black hair but couldnt catch her so I jumped out of a window flying thinking what a perfect blue sky and hearing women saying what a good day everythings alright sooo I just was flying and it was amazing then I woke up because I calmed myself down plus I controlled my mind making into a lucis dream! I sat in bed to watch a DVD and half way through it I became so exhausted and I could feel my eyes and whole body shutting down.
Remind yourself, ā€œIā€™m dreaming,ā€ and notice how clear your mind feels, how real the sensations feel, and how bright the colors are. Since coming into the knowledge of lucid dreaming, I am very excited at the possibilites of the experience. I opened my eyes and realised I was dreaming and tried to wake up but I wasn’t allowed to so as I was being thrown around I kept on saying wake up, wake up, wake up now. The only one i tried was taking 10 minutes to imagine where I wanted to be and telling myself I was going to Lucid Dream. If any of you have any tips on what to do right as I’m laying down ready for a Lucid Dream, or even what you do after you tell yourself that you are going to Lucid Dream I would appreciate it.

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