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To succeed in the workplace, you need to be at your best, and you can only truly be at your best when you are motivated to work. In a recent article about the advantages of working from home, I talked about how one of the main negatives of the office is the fact that you have employees and coworkers always badmouthing the company and bringing everyone around them down mentally. When I used to work on a sales floor, I would walk around the room looking at each other’s numbers and performance during breaks and lunches, as a way to motivate myself to do better than they were. The only way things can be changed is to identify what constituites a fault or a failure, and then work together to tackle it.
That’s why motivation is critical to keep improving and keep moving in order to have everything to run on its own.
Some of the angry responses are also very interesting,but my problem is if your self employed with absolutely no way of changing your product and in a declining market place you no longer have the motivation to go to work !!!

Motivation and positivity are surely the key … one of the major factors influencing motivation is the lack of positivity and confidence.
Sometimes if your employer is not going for proper motivational activities then you should motivate yourself to boost performance. Transferring that to the workplace is difficult, however by using techniques developed from sports coaching, it is possible to get great results from very normal teams of people.
Thankful to God that I do begin my day with a bang, but there are times when u need to reminded of the reasons for which you are working so hard. I work in government bureaucracy and nobody cares what I do, but I get paid a lot of money to do it. The problem I’m having is that with the apprentiship being 9-5 and me still being on an apprentiship wage I find it hard to motivate myself as the money is very, very low.

If I were being payed even minimum wage I dont think I would have this problem but the apprentiship wage is only ?95 a week and to me that is ridiculously low for working a full time job more or less.
I know if I stick at it I will end up with a fair wage but that could be up to a years time from now and I’m finding it extremely difficult to drag myself to work each morning for such a minimal wage.

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