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Riding levels are assessed periodically so skill building is easy and goals achievable by all.
Our Saturday horse experience mornings offer the opportunity to both spend time working with, grooming and getting to know our wonderful horses and also includes a half hour lesson, either on board for those wishing to ride, or additional work on the ground for those wishing to further improve their communication skills. Body Protector: We recommend all riders purchase body protection vests for your safety whilst riding. With a combined 30 + years of working in training and education, owning horses, teaching men, women and children to ride, doing natural style horsemanship and managing equestrian facilities and then taking the journey to further our already developed business and life skills into equine facilitated life coaching, business development and leadership skills, we have come across and helped many new and experienced horse owners with handling and care of their horses.
Physical fear in the sport of riding is a given – we are dealing with a powerful and sometimes unpredictable animal. You should also take care to ensure that you are adequately physically prepared before you begin riding again.
I’m not suggesting that you wait until you are 100%, but rather that you assess how your injury will affect your riding. For instance, if it is the type of injury that will affect your balance, and you begin too soon, again you may be asking for another accident to happen or risk losing confidence in your skills.
Take it slow: unless you have an impending competition, it is a good idea to take things slow when you resume riding.
How you begin to build up your confidence after an accident will depend on your unique situation and your individual personality.

Thanks this helps me alot as i have had very naughty ponies and it has effected my riding alot! The guests are either complete beginners or those folks that have come here to increase their  confidence in horse riding that they have lost through the years. We DO have Day Camp on Friday November 27th and a one night Winter Horse CampDecember 29-30th for $195.$75 deposit to hold your spot in Winter Horse Camp (overnight Dec 29-30th). Our riding lessons are structured to offer the best experience of getting to know horses and learning to ride. This is also the perfect place to start for riders who have previously ridden and may have lost confidence or have fear issues they wish to resolve.
All riders possess some physical fear at some point in their riding career and usually for good reason. That is, you may assume you can get back on and jump that oxer, but when you find yourself nearing the actual fence, you pull your horse away or pull up. If you ignore what happened, and begin before you are psychologically prepared, the ensuing tentativeness or overcompensating boldness could lead to another injury or a further loss of confidence. One big caution with this: make sure you do find out, from a coach preferably, what exactly it was you should have been doing (like shifting your weight to the outside when riding a corner) and concentrate on that in your imagery sessions. For Adults and Children alike, we encourage everyone to get involved with grooming, tacking up and generally caring for their horse.

All lessons include some ground work skills, the more confident we become on the ground with our horses the better our riding experience will be. Others are not so lucky, and have to work hard to rebuild their shattered confidence, writes psychologist April Clay. I am feeling a little bit anxious about riding again, but that’s normal and I can still ride with that anxiety.
We offer a safe, secure environment in which to build your confidence and skills around horses. Having a major riding accident is like having any kind of accident for the first time, it shakes our belief system.
The opportunity as riders advance in their skills and confidence to ride out on Coolbadah is available.
Think about it – the way you communicate with your horse is through your body, and the more relaxed you are, the smoother this communication will be.

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