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Your dream may not be to live on a farm, but whatever is inspiring you to slow down take a good look at your life and try to apply some of these basic living simple principles. Know what is important – For us there was nothing that could hold us back from living our dream. Carla…I am humbled that people like to read what is just normal everyday living for me!

My husband and I have entered the empty nest phase of our lives and look forward to downsizing and leading a more simple life with less stuff!
I agree that living simply is not so simple but you lay out some great tips on how to achieve that lifestyle. Join the homestead and homemaking movement and get some Our Simple Homestead inspiration delivered straight to your inbox!

Keen to get closer to the untamed wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, the Caverlys recently hitched their home to a pick up truck and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.Sensing that there are others who may want to follow them in the simpler life, the Caverlys are now offering replicas of their home for $48,000.

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