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Let us now look at the evidence from Hindu texts, which proves that Hinduism not only permits beef eating but also requires its folowers to institute certain cow sacrifices. It must be noted that the Purva Mimamsa Sutras (compiled between 300-200 BCE), written by Rishi Jaimini is one of the most important ancient Hindu philosophical texts.
Some half-baked Hindus who like to play games might try to call all these references as later interpolations. All these passages prove that the flesh of the sacrificed animal was consumed as per the instructions of the Hindu texts. To give readers a brief idea of Ashwamedha Yajna, I will briefly mention the entire ritual based on Hindu texts like Katyayana Srauta Sutra, Apastamba Sutra, etc; but I will not mention the obscene portion of the Ashwamedha ritual as it is irrelevant with the topic at hand. Whatever (portion) of your slaughtered body fall from your carcase when it is being roasted by the fire, (escaping) from the spit; let it not be left on the ground, nor on the (sacred) grass, but let it (all) be given to the longing gods. The final blow to this argument comes from the historical narratives of Mahabharata and Ramayana, where Hindus are clearly shown sacrificing a horse and other animals including cows.
Rich in cakes, rich in flesh, let the dish (charu) take seat here; to the world-makers, the road-makers, do we sacrifice, whoever of you are here, sharing in the oblation of the gods. Some Hindus bigots try to claim that these are interpolation and later additions in Mahabharat.
Modern Hindus usually are seen boasting about India's scientific heritage, especially of medical texts like Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, which they think are proof of the advancement of science in the ancient Hindu society.

To conclude my article establishing that the Vedas and the subsidiary texts permit beef eating as well as sacrificing animals, I will post the testimony of renowned classical Hindu scholars, besides the other notale scholars I have already quoted. Now moving forward several of the acharyas starting from Shakaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, these were three great systematizes of Hinduism.
This is a common response of  half-baked Hindus, who have negligible knowledge of Hindu scriptures.
It denotes an act done in accordance to the intellect Alternatively it could mean consolidation, as evident from the root meaning of medha i.e.
No doubt that like other nations of the word ancient Hindus too have contributed to our knowledge, epecially science and mathematics.
The fact remains that ancient Hindu scriptures clearly permit the consumption of meat, even of cows. Moreover, classical Hindu commentators like Acharya Sayana interpret this verse and the one before it i.e.
To refute them, we are fortunate to have available the most ancient commentary on this mantra by none other than Adi Shankaracharya, revered by Hindus as the reviver of Hinduism in India and finishing off Buddhism and Jainism. But from the seventh century onwards when Shankaracharya appeared, there was a great revival of Hinduism. This entire chapter is a weird puzzle, which is difficult to solve for the  modern vegetarian Hindus.

Seeing all these evidences this argument of the Hindtuva polemicist also turns out to be false. So because still substantially there were people who were Hindus and they were saying that the Vedic literature tell us to eat meat so therefore we have to eat meat. For example, Swami Vivekananda who is considered as a major force in the revival of Hinduism in modern India, admitted that ancient Hindus used to eat meat. Such questions require satisfactory answers which modern vegetarian Hindus are unable to provide. So these four literature are considered to be ones which have influenced modern day Hinduism to a large extent. And then because of the influence of Buddhism when to the natural human moral conscience, the obvious reality of the violence that is involved in killing animals and eating them, even in non sacrificial contexts became obvious then even the Hindu leaders reformed themselves and then they started emphasizing vegetarianism much more strongly. Rig Veda is considered by scholars  to be oldest of all scriptures which is preserved even today in its letters.
Even Pandit Devi Chand, an Arya Samaj scholar, who based his English translation of the Yajurveda on Swami Dayanand's work is clueless about the exact meaning of this chapter.

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