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In easy half hour "bites" on CD, our scientifically sequenced lessons will have you speaking Mandarin the way the Chinese do–or you pay nothing. Mandarin Chinese actually refers to a group of Chinese dialects indigenous to northern and southwestern China. Trying to learn Chinese from a book without any prior exposure to the language can prove to be a most challenging task. The government of the People's Republic of China defines literacy as knowing at least 2,000 Chinese characters. Once you have decided to start a Chinese language program in your school or district you will embark on a comprehensive planning process to set the scope, expectations and goals for the program. As with any new educational endeavor, the Chinese program will need a broad base of community and professional support. This worksheet poses initial questions to help guide the planning committee in setting long- and short-term goals for the Chinese language program.

This American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages publication describes different levels of ability to use real-world language when interacting with speakers of the language and when confronted with written texts in the language.
A Subject Area Test (SAT) of understanding spoken and written Chinese for college-bound high school students. The national standardized test to evaluate the Chinese proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers.
For academic and instructional purposes, these dialects are consolidated into one language which is the basis of Standard Chinese, also referred to simply as Mandarin.
In order to truly experience the rich cultural heritage and history of the country and its people, speaking Chinese will be a benefit like no other.
Because you learn simply by listening, it's not necessary to memorize thousands of Chinese characters, much less learn how to draw them. This is true despite Mandarin being the official language in only three countries: the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Two systems of Chinese characters are in use today, making textbook learning of the language even more difficult. By hearing a native Chinese speaker in our audio lessons, you'll quickly learn important phrases such as "I would like…," "My name is…," "Where is the…," and many more. Whether traveling, or communicating with a Chinese person in your community, you'll be able to quickly learn how to hold a conversation and get your point across. What makes Pimsleur courses so successful are the specific scientific principles that replicate the speed and ease at which children learn languages.

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