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We offer 6 week beginner courses providing you with a progressive meditation experience ensuring you can confidently establish a daily meditation practice. The practice of meditation allows you to observe your thoughts, feelings and body sensations without judgement and comparison of past experiences. Meditation is a natural process leading to a deep connection of who you are and your purpose in this life.
Our advanced meditation course has been designed to deepen the meditation experience by incorporating bio-energetic neuro-muscular movement to release stagnant, blocked or drained e-motional charge in the body prior to engaging in formal observation meditation practices.
In this advance course you will learn how to elicit the bodies natural ability to release, chronic tension, stress, fatigue, trauma and much more through bio-energetic movement allowing you to deepen your meditation practice.

If you are already an experienced meditator you will come away with insight, inspiration and renewed understanding of the purpose of meditation. Bio-energetic movement dissipates energetic charge in the body making it much easier to still the mind in preparation for meditation.
Meditating with the guidance of a teacher and in the group energy is very helpful in deepening your practice. You can try our hand made Zafu meditation cushions on the first night and if you like it you can purchase one from us, see picture and details below. Through meditation you can drop your story and step fully into the power of the present moment which provides inner space to bounce back from stressful situations, access infinite creativity, and connect with a sense of peace no matter what your life situation.

For cancellations made with more than 72 hours notice: you may use your payment towards to next available 6 Week Meditation Course.

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