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Learn to meditate and discover the secrets to mindfulness and meditation with an MMI Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor. Through her own meditation practice, Liz has seen her own health and well-being improve and is very passionate about sharing how meditation can be simple yet profound. Marjorie became certified as a meditation teacher and teaches the Simple, Easy, Everyday Meditation (SEED Meditation ) to groups or individuals looking to learn a simple way to incorporate meditation into daily life. Reed is a TED Conference speaker, a Huffington Post contributor, and has shared the stage with Nobel Peace Prize nominees and some of the most inspirational leaders from the worlds of entertainment, politics, and philanthropy. Angela Sands is an expert meditator who joyfully teaches anyone how to meditate who has a desire to learn. Marsha is committed to teaching her students how to meditate in a way that feels deeply restful. Please join us for this exciting opportunity to learn from one of the world's leading Buddhist teachers!  Follow the links to each event for more information. This is our signature online course for anyone who is serious about wanting to learn meditation.

She shows her students how to become more self-aware and connect to their intuition with the help of meditation and journaling.
She offers meditation training for groups or individuals looking to learn a simple way to incorporate meditation into daily life. Only decades later did she learn she was practicing Trataka, the meditative practice of gazing at an external object.
When he’s not snowboarding, surfing, attending rock concerts, playing with his baby boy and spending time with his beautiful wife, you can find him meditating or teaching meditation, and focused on how he can continue give back to his team, family, and the planet. From energy healing to Native American rituals, from various yoga practices to energy medicine, I continue to learn about the healing arts from a number of incredible teachers.
Bong decided to learn about meditation and earned her meditation teacher certification with the McLean Meditation Institute.
In this talk, I will show how attractive food cues can trigger a hedonic motivation to eat, especially in dieters, but also how their impact can be reduced to facilitate successful self-regulation. Perhaps most beneficial is that meditation leads to more compassion and better sleep, which will in turn lead to being more effective and living a healthy life.

Lisa will guide you through the process and support your needs every step along the way as you quickly learn a collection of daily practices. She has helped solve many challenging issues such as helping people be pain-free, helping couples to conceive a child in the face of infertility, helping people to eliminate the misery of allergies, returning people’s digestive issues to normal functioning, helping injured people heal more quickly, guiding people add years to their lives by showing them how to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle, and helping athletes improve their performance.
It is also highly recommended to attend at least one retreat if you haven’t already done so in a while during the year. Then, field experiments demonstrate how self-regulation can be enhanced by priming the dieting goal in tempting situations, so that the hedonic motivation triggered by attractive food is not translated into behavior.
Taking examples especially from Indian and Tibetan practices and contemporary scientific study of these, we will consider the body’s subtle responsiveness to everything within and around us, and how our awareness of this strengthens our capacity for integration with self and connection with others.

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