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According to the survey, conducted by Head & Shoulders, 15 per cent of women said they believe they could be two to five years ahead in their careers if they had more confidence with almost a third (29 per cent) worrying they don’t come across well in interviewsIn an office environment almost one in three women (28 per cent) avoid work situations where they might be the focus of attention and a quarter (24 per cent) admit they lack the confidence to highlight things they’ve done well. Shockingly, well over half of the 2000 women surveyed have been burdened by their hang ups since school, with 25 per cent of those claiming that it began with playground teasing. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Women must start to believe in themselves more if we want to see greater numbers break the glass ceiling.
Over the past few weeks I’ve been amazed at the number of times clients, and potential clients, have referred to the Imposter Syndrome. A friend of mine contacted me the other day about an issue she was experiencing in the workplace. His comments come as the number of 16-24-year-olds not working has risen to more than one million, as it emerged almost half have never worked at all.

The film is dominated by her aggressive, dominant and humiliating treatment of her employees.
The ‘problem’ – one of handling passive aggressive behaviour in the office – caught my attention.
Find a range of articles, hints, practical tips and advice for building your confidence in the workplace. The initiative called ‘Ban Bossy’ is designed to help young girls overcome long term confidence issues.
At the end of the film, her assistant (Andrea) resigned when Miranda informs her “you remind me a lot of myself when I was younger”.  Whilst extreme the film does portray how some women feel when they see other alpha females climbing the ladder. The term Imposter Syndrome comes from Drs Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes of the University of Georgia. I was reminded of the many times I had personally experienced passive-aggression when I worked as a senior manager in a large organisation.

Judging by the thousands of women (and men!) we have worked with over the years, confidence is the BIG issue – bigger than salary, bigger than promotion, even bigger than work-life balance.
In the late 1970s they wrote an article called “The Imposter Phenomenon in High Achieving Women”.
Essentially their findings highlighted that despite outstanding success many women felt they were “….not bright and have fooled others into thinking they were”. So let me tell you more about passive-aggressive behaviour and some strategies for how to handle it. Read the full article here. Because it is the issue that is closest to people’s souls, the issue that stems from childhood, environment, upbringing, schooling and many other aspects of life.

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